Top 5 Smart Motorcycle Helmets that’ll Make your Ride Smarter

5 Best Smart Helmets for Motorcycle Riders
5 Best Smart Helmets for Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle helmets are one the most crucial component in the safety of motorcycle riders. Helmets are ever-evolving; while manufacturers and researchers have always been trying to improve their durability, stiffness, etc. But modern-day problem requires a modern solution. So, these days we now have an advanced helmet that we also call “smart helmets”.

Before going into the list of smart motorcycle helmets it would be best to know a little about smart helmets and their capabilities. 

What is a Smart Motorcycle Helmet?

A smart helmet is a helmet that contains some advanced technological features that enhanced its overall usability such as Bluetooth, speaker, camera, GPS, AR, etc. A smart helmet is an extension of the old ones, it comes with its basic purpose of making the riders safer and more comfortable with the capabilities of entertainment.

For example, if you want to listen to a song you will be carrying earphones, earbuds, etc, and wearing them before wearing the actual helmet. With this, you can’t pick up calls comfortably, change songs, or do any other things. So, the main motto of this smart helmet is to put everything into the helmet that’s required or we can say needed for the rider while riding.

Now, if you want to take calls, you can do so easily with the smart helmet as it’s embedded with Bluetooth and smart gestures in the smart helmets. There are many innovative new manufacturers who are in the process of making the best in quality smart helmets.

Because if helmets are integrated with the latest technologies and components like cameras, Bluetooth, speakers, etc, doesn’t it compromise the overall helmet durability and stiffness? Well, every smart helmet that I have mentioned in this blog post is fully certified by any major certifications like DOT, JIS, and European ECE 22.05. So, be worry-free when you are buying safety helmets cause these are way safer than traditional helmets even after being equipped with various smart technologies.

The one thing that I must mention is these smart helmets are generally 2x expensive as normal helmets.

Researchers are innovating helmets and making them safer and more comfortable for riders. These types of advancements in motorcycle helmets enable the riders to do things like listing to music, GPS tracking, using voice commands, recording videos, communicating, and so on.

Features of Smart Helmets

In this section, we will be discussing the basic features provided by smart helmets in detail:-


The first and foremost technology used in helmets is Bluetooth. The Bluetooth in helmets allows the riders to listen to songs, take phone calls, get directions, rider-to-rider communication, access voice assistants, etc.

Bluetooth is the main technology handling most of the stuff in smart helmets from listening to songs to accessing voice assistants to control things such as changing songs, calling, and other things mentioned above.

Most smart helmets are integrated with the latest Bluetooth standards such as 5.0 and above for better connectivity and service.

Built-in Speakers

Speakers in smart helmets are used to listen to songs via Bluetooth connectivity. Most of us used to carry earphones, earbuds, etc inside our helmets to listen to songs. 

But with these smart helmets now there is no need to carry any time of audio-device. Nowadays, smart helmet contains high-quality speakers that will give you an immersive sound experience without compromising safety and integrity.

Also, most helmets will also provide the noise-cancellation feature ultimately enhancing the experience.

Cameras & HUDs

Some smart helmets come with front cames that record everything on the go. Most riders had to carry go-pro on their helmets but smart helmets are slowly evolving with integrated cameras too.

These cameras are best to record things on the go and are beneficial in case of accidents etc. Also, having an integrated camera in the helmets is good for vloggers as they like sharing their daily rides on their social media handles.

Some helmets provide cameras in the back of helmets to provide insight into the blind spot. So, these smart helmets are designed with HUDs (Head-up displays). It’s a way to display information on a small screen beside the visor or with a small display. These HUDs display all the crucial information such as route direction, weather, time, rear view, etc..

App Control

Most of the smart helmets come with their application for every respective os such as android, ios, etc. With the app, you can connect to your helmet wirelessly and customize things, etc. The app provides you with all the information and lets you adjust various settings in one click.

So, Till now we have discussed most of the things about smart motorcycle helmets. Now, let’s delve into the “Top 5 Smart Helmets”

Best 5 Smart Helmets in the market

  • Sena Momentum INC
  • CrossHelmet X1
  • LiveMap Helmet
  • Jarvis X AR
  • Forcite MK1 Helmets

Sena Momentum Pro

Sena Momentum Pro Smart Helmet
Sena Momentum Pro Smart Helmet

Have you ever been driving down a particularly scenic route and wished you could capture the moment? The Momentum Pro helmet from Sena answers that question with its integrated quad HD action camera, which enables you to record with the push of a single button. 

The quad HD camera grants up to a 135-degree field of view and the capacity to record for up to two hours at a stretch. Aside from the video recording options, the Pro helmet also comes equipped with innovative advanced noise control technology, which allows you to listen to music and chat with up to seven other riders at a distance of up to 1.6 kilometers through the intercom without any interruptions.

Sena Momentum Pro is DOT approved and has an aerodynamic design made up of a composite fiberglass shell with multi-density EPS.

They also have a unique ventilation system with chin and forehead air intake vents and an exhaust port tucked in the back of the helmet. With this ventilation system, riders will stay cool.

The Sena Momentum Pro are dot-approved helmets ensuring complete safety. The helmet is priced at $699.

CrossHelmet X1

CrossHelmet X1 Smart Helmet
CrossHelmet X1 Smart Helmet

The cross helmet x1 was designed to be the answer to the problem of user distraction during rides providing 360-degree visibility, noise cancellation as well as smartphone connectivity to drivers in one smooth and easily operable package.

It helps eliminate blind spots with the use of advanced HUD technology and it has been shown to project images and video onto the HUD through the use of its built-in wide-angle rear-view camera.

Driving with the CrossHelmet X1 feels like you’ve got a technologically advanced, super-efficient rearview mirror and this function helps you observe events happening behind and around you with minimum head movements.

It also helps you increase or reduce the loudness of environmental sounds with the use of the convenient cross-sound equalizer on the CrossHelmet which comes in very handy. 

When you’re in an environment with high ambient noise you can connect your cross helmet x1 to your smartphone using Bluetooth and make use of its voice command ability to play music control Siri or Okay Google and even make phone calls.

The CorssHelmet X1 is fully certified by certification of DOT, JIS, CNS, etc, and it’s priced at $1,799.

LiveMap Helmet

LiveMap Smart Helmet
LiveMap Smart Helmet

LiveMap is one of the revolutionary manufacturers of smart helmets. They are an innovative company that offers the same level of technology as the F-35 military aviation helmet but at a fraction of the cost.

Actually, the creator of this helmet Andrei got the idea of innovating smart helmets after wearing the F-35 military helmets where the information is displayed on the visor. You can read more about the project and its prototypes from their website

One of the shortcomings of most smart helmets is the small inconvenient displays inside them. And, it failed, skully helmet project is one of the examples that went bankrupt in 2015-2016.

So, It overcomes all those problems and focuses on an Augmented reality interface that allows projecting the image directly on the helmet visor.

By projecting images directly onto the helmet visor, riders will be able to keep their focus on the road, just like Iron Man.

The Augmented interface provides you with a projected color transparent image instead of small inconvenient displays. It’s designed to provide you with automatic adjustments of output, giving you full focus on road safety.

LiveMap helmets are also equipped with all the smart accessories like Bluetooth, front camera, optics, mics, etc. 

According to, “The prototype has already passed the required ECE 22.05 helmet safety standards certification for the visor. It is used in about 50 countries around the world. Only our technology already passed the required regulation safety standards ECE 22.05 for motorcycle helmets.”

So, LiveMap Helmet is also one the best option out there for $2500, if you are looking to buy the best smart helmet.



The Jarvis X AR is the latest and greatest in vehicular safety technology. It is packed with features designed to enhance safety, including Jarvis distraction-free voice activation and optical waveguide technology. 

If you’re concerned about visibility in different lighting conditions, don’t worry – the X AR’s projections are totally visible even in glaring sunlight. And the HUD can be controlled through voice commands, making it even easier to use.

Among the options available to users is the ability to display directions and provide information about weather conditions. So whether you’re looking for help with navigation or just want to stay up-to-date on the weather, the Jarvis X AR has you covered.

The JARVIS X-AR has the HUD, AR projection, 2K rear-facing camera, and optical waveguide technology. Not only their camera captures great photos and videos, but the audio processor also offers clear call quality and protects your ears from harmful noise levels – even when you’re driving at high speeds.

It has also got all the necessary safety certifications such as  DOT, CNS, NCC, and FCC. The JARVISH X-AR is a campaign-based project and is priced at $1,599.

Forcite MK1 Helmets

Forcite MK1 Helmets has taken a totally new approach to the construction. The outer shell of the forcite MK1 helmet is made up of carbon fiber to keep the weight down and it comes with a gloss finish.

Forcite has been installed with a camera, speakers, lighting, and microphone into the carbon shell helmet maintaining the European ECE 22.05 safety certification.

Forcite MK1 has a 1080p camera in the chin bar that films at 60 frames per second. Apart from this, the camera can be programmed to start recording automatically when the helmet is turned on, or it can be controlled directly with its app.

The Forcite MK1 audio is also phenomenal as it has 40mm speakers designed by Harman Kardon. The smart helmet Forcite MK1 is priced at $1,299, for more information visit their website.


Are smart motorcycle helmets worth it?

Riding a motorcycle required whole bodily and mentally concentrated on the ride. So, for tasks like taking phone calls, getting directions can be a major distraction on the road.

So, Smart Helmets are definitely worth it when it comes to the safety and the facilities it provides. It is equipped with all the necessary technology that a rider could think of such as Bluetooth for song listening, calling, and talking to friends; GPS for tracking; a Camera for recording, etc.

How much do smart helmets cost?

Generally smart helmets costs 2x of the traditional helmets, they cost between $699 to $2500. But, it depends totally on the features and the brand you are purchasing from. Protection Status