Do electric motorcycles make noise? Things you need to know

Do electric motorcycles make noise?
Do electric motorcycles make noise?

Electric motorcycles are designed in a different way than fuel-based motorcycles are constructed. Fuel-based motorcycles vibrate & make noise as you drive them. Motorcycle riders enjoy the sound of it, it’s like music to their ears, and some even tend to use after-market exhausts just for the sound. But, do electric motorcycles make any sound? This is the question riders are concerned about before buying electric motorcycles. So, Here is what you need to know.

Electric motorcycles don’t make noise because it runs on stored electricity. These are free from noises because they don’t need a combustion engine to run. Also, they contain significantly fewer mechanical parts, so it’s free of vibration and sound making the ride peaceful.

With an electric motorcycle, you can ride in peace listening to your music. An electric vehicle can make the world a quieter place. But many riders love to hear the engine and exhaust sound while riding. So, it has dampened their experience of riding. 

Thus, ECTUNES is developing an artificial engine sound system for electric motorcycles, keeping the motorcycle riders preference in mind. Many other companies are conducting research and trying to provide the old exhaust sound.

Reasons Electric motorcycles are quieter

Electric motorcycle design is fundamentally different than a gas-powered motorcycle. An electric motorcycle doesn’t need an engine, which was the major contributor to producing noise in vehicles. But, because an electric motorcycle makes power by the stored electricity in it, the sound becomes unnoticeable.

Another contributor to the noise was the vibration of the gas-powered motorcycles because many mechanical parts in motorcycle vibration were produced that contributed to the sound.

But, the electric motorcycle is free from the engine and other mechanical components that contribute to the noise.

Here is the reason that makes electric motorcycles quieter:-

  • Using electricity to run motorcycle
  • No engine and exhaust
  • Lesser vibration because of fewer mechanical components

Because of the above reason, electric motorcycles are quieter than gas-powered motorcycles.

Electric motorcycles are quiet, but there is some sound they produce that is unnoticeable. But you can hear it if you ride.

What factors contribute to electric motorcycle sound?

Although the electric motorcycle doesn’t make noise, it doesn’t mean they are completely quiet. You may not hear it while riding a motorcycle, but low-range noise is produced while an electric motorcycle runs. You can listen to the electric motorcycle sound below.

Sound of electric motorcycles

I have put the sound of two popular electric motorcycles on the list so that you could get an idea of their noise.

Zero SR electric motorcycle sound

Harley Davidson Livewire  

So, as you can listen, that electric motorcycle does make a sound. Here are some reasons that contribute to electric motorcycle noise.

  • Electric Motor
  • Friction of tires
  • Chain drive
  • Belt drives

But, the sound generated from these components is shallow that you may not even notice if any electric motorcycle passed near you.

Is the lack of engine noise a problem for electric motorcycles? 

We all know that electric motorcycles are quieter than gas-powered motorcycles, which is a good thing environmentally and for people’s ears. But is it bad for pedestrians on the road? Does it increase the chances of being hit by other vehicles on the road? These are the question that has been on everybody’s mind. So, here is the answer.

According to, “The electric motorcycle low noise could pose a threat to the safety of vulnerable road users on the road who rely on their senses of sight and hearing to navigate the road traffic in urban environments. It increases the risk of pedestrian accidents, especially for blind people.

The electric bike sound becomes negligible at low speed, which can be a threat for pedestrians, especially for low visibility areas or blind people. Yes, the lack of an engine sound can be a problem for electric motorcycles. It can be a problem for pedestrians who rely on their sense of sight and hearing to navigate throughout the road. 

But to date, there has been little direct evidence to indicate that low noise levels cause more crashes conclusively.

Thus, there is no need to worry about the lack of electric motorcycle noise at the present stage as there is no valid proof for the claims.


Electric motorcycles are not completely quiet, you may not hear them while riding, but they make little noise. The quietness of the electric motorcycle will differ from motorcycle manufacturers. I have included the audio of the electric motorcycle that will give you an overall idea of the sound of the electric motorcycle.


Does electric Harley makes noise?

Herley Davidson electric motorcycles are not totally quiet; they do make a whirring sound. But, obviously, electric Harley Davidson motorcycles are quieter than any gas-powered motorcycle.

Do Zero motorcycles make noise?

Zero electric motorcycles are quieter than any other electric motorcycle on the market. These motorcycles are sometimes called a “sound of silence.” But they do make a little noise which is not noticeable generally. Protection Status