Should you consider using a Cafe racer for long rides? Detail Overview

Cafe racer for long ride
Cafe racer for a long ride

A cafe racer is a great bike to have for riding over short distances and daily commuting. But when it comes to long-distance riding,” Is cafe racer good for long riding?” and should you even consider buying it for long-distance riding?

Thus, to get the answer to all your burning questions and make a perfect decision on choosing a cafe racer for long rides, keep reading the article.

So, Is a cafe racer good for long rides? Cafe racers are not suitable for long rides mainly because of their uncomfortable riding position such as low mounted handlebar and forward-leaning seat position with elongated thin fuel tanks. Thus making cafe racers uncomfortable riding for long distances.

In a cafe racer, the riding position is more likely sporty, thus you will have to lean forward to drive. This is the main cause that makes cafe racers uncomfortable riding for long distances.

And if you ride it for long hours then you may end up having back pain, neck pain, and discomfort in your body eventually.

Note:- If you are making a custom cafe racer then you can shape it and make it comfortable for long rides(2-3 hrs).


Here I will discuss different terms in brief. Thus you will get a better picture. of “Why is a cafe racer not suitable for a long ride?”

Why are cafe racers not suitable for long rides?

The major reason to not plan long rides on cafe racer:-

  • Lower Handlebars
  • Sporty Riding Position
  • Minimalist Design
  • No Wind Protection

Let’s discuss each reason, “why cafe racers are not good for long riding?

Lower Handlebars

 Most commonly the cafe racer comes with a clip-on lower handlebar which means you will have to lean forward to reach the handlebar.

That makes the overall grip with the handlebar a little frustrating and uncomfortable. Therefore it is not a big deal for daily commuting with cafe racers. But, if you plan to have a ride for long distances you may end up having wrist pain.

The main purpose of having lower handlebars was to give cafe racer riders a sporty look while driving. Thus I think cafe racer handlebars are serving their purpose although being a little uncomfortable while riding.

Sporty Riding Position

Cafe racer bikes’ main element is their ergonomics or chassis which require an aggressive riding position to drive. And, if we compare the cafe racer riding style then you’ll find its riding position similar to sports motorcycles. 

As a cafe racer, overall seat position with respect to its low-mounted handlebars makes its riding position uncomfortable for long rides.

To ride a cafe racer you will have to lean forward because the handlebars are placed lower than normal.

Therefore this factor makes the cafe racer unsuitable for having long rides. And if you try to drive a cafe racer then you may end up having back, wrist, and neck pain.

Minimalist design

Most of the Cafe racers are focused to provide a pure experience between the bike and the rider. That’s why it doesn’t come with fancy fairings and cool graphics on them as sports motorcycles come.

Now, you may be thinking about what is the problem we have with this. Actually, fairing helps to reduce air drag and wind noise. 

Literally Nobody! likes to tolerate fast wind hits to your face while driving at high speed.

Thus, if you ride a cafe racer for long rides you will face a problem with wind noise and air drag. But as time passes innovation also happens.

Now, to solve this issue you can add a customize head fairing to your cafe racer. Apart from this, nowadays companies are making cafe racers with head fairing. so you’ll not face too many problems with this.

Now, Let’s talk about the last cause that makes cafe racers unsuitable for long rides.

No Wind Protection

As said most of the cafe racers come with minimalist designs to provide a better experience to the rider. Thus Most of the cafe racers don’t come with wind protection so you will be tired because of the wind blast during a long drive. This factor is the major resistance that makes the long ride unsuitable for the cafe racer.

As you increase speed on your cafe racer wind will bump your motorcycle from every direction, and because of lack of fairing, you’ll face problems.

Therefore if we combine all the factors then we come to the final conclusion that Cafe racers are not comfortable with long-distance rides. And you should not consider it for long rides.


Related Question

Does riding a cafe racer for long hours hurt back?

If you ride a cafe racer for a longer hour (longer than 1 hour) then you will start to feel pain inside your body. Riding a cafe racer for longer hours can result in back pain. The main reason for cafe racers being uncomfortable for long hours is its overall ergonomics such as a thin fuel tank, low-mounted handlebars, and aggressive riding position.

Is a cafe racer good for daily commuting?

Cafe racers are good for daily commuting because of being lightweight with a powerful engine. Thus, you can use it for your daily work to home routes and short ridings comfortably.

Can I ride a Cafe racer without having back pain?

Riding a cafe racer without having back pain is possible if you ride for short distances or short hours (between 1 to 1.5 hrs). But if you are looking to stretch the time then If you are planning to have long rides with a cafe racer better adjust the overall riding posture (If you know some mechanics).

Otherwise, your ride may lead to back pain. Thus, I think just use cafe racer for short distances rides.

Are the cafe racers comfortable riding?

The cafe racers are comfortable and enjoyable for rides for short distances and daily commuting. But Cafe racers are not comfortable riding for long hours or long distances.

Is there any cafe racer suitable for long rides along with comfort?

If there is any cafe racer that is suitable for long rides along with comfort then it is no longer a cafe racer. If you start to look for long rides with a cafe racer then you will miss the whole essence of the cafe racer. Thus for long rides, you must consider other motorcycles that are specially made for long rides and long-distance riding. Protection Status