Is an electric motorcycle worth it? With Pros & cons

Arc vector electric motorcycle
Arc vector electric motorcycle

Recently, I came across this question from one of my friends. Many of the companies are interested in future innovation and that’s good. But we will talk about the present situations of electric motorcycles. After a lot of discussion with some riders who own electric motorcycle and some research. Here is what is found.

So, Is an electric motorcycle worth it? Considering the present situation of electric motorcycles, it is not worth having now. Firstly, it is very expensive to buy for the majority of people right now. Secondly, it doesn’t give you the mobility and riding experience as compared to fuel-powered motorcycles.

Electric motorcycles are in their infancy and it will take time to outgrow fueled power motorcycle. There are some of the problems that you will face the majority of the time

The downside of buying an electric motorcycle

In this section, I have discussed some Downside of the electric motorcycle. I know in the coming time these will be resolved. And most of the companies are researching and working already.

Confined Range

It is the most common problem with electric motorcycles, they come with a limited range. A range simply means the amount of distance a motorcycle will cover in a single charge.

Apart from this the company acclaimed range are not for practical purpose because it can be achieved only under certain condition.

For example, Lightning strikes new models that come with an acclaimed range of 200 miles (320 km.) I think it is an extremely wonderful achievement.

But, one thing to note here is that you will get this range if you rode the motorcycle at a limited speed on highways and with other conditioning.

So, these ranges are not fixed, may someone exhaust his all battery in just 100 miles.

As we have teased the point of charging here, let’s fully cover it.

Long Charging time

It takes around or more than 6 hours to fully charge an electric motorcycle.

Although, many of the companies are working on faster charging and giving decent miles and horsepower in that charge.

An example is a Light strick model that can be charged within 2-3 hours with a J1772 level 2 public charging station. Otherwise, these also take the same about of time as normal home charging.

Thus, the battery is a very big downside of the present electric motorcycle. It gives you less mobility and freedom.

The charging time is so big that we can’t tolerate waiting for that long if it drained somewhere on the highways. And with a fuel-powered motorcycle, you rarely need more than a minute to get ready for the new venture.

And, if you are thinking that somehow you will get used to it like smartphones. Thus remember, if your smartphone battery got dead you will not get a problem because you can also carry power banks. Whereas, if your motorcycle charge drained at some strange place at night or day what will you do?

Hell, you can’t even call your friends to bring fuel in the bottle for your motorcycle.

But, it can also be beneficial for students, job seekers. They can charge their electric motorcycles overnight and go to their destination without any worry because of less distance.

Strange Designs

Some of the new electric motorcycle brands have gone too far with the design of the motorcycle. And come up with many strange ergonomics and design. Here are some examples.

Johammer J1

Johammer J1 electric motorcycle
Johammer J1 electric motorcycle

Cake Walk

Cake Walk electric thin motorcycle
Cake Walk electric thin motorcycle

Tacita T race

Tacita T race electric motorcycle
Tacita T race electric motorcycle

These motorcycle companies have used totally different approach. These strange design of Johammer J1 and the thought one are really annoying. Although, it is a personal choice.

But, there are some good looking electric motorcycle Example is below.

Lightning Strike motorcycle

Lightning Strike electric motorcycle
Lightning Strike electric motorcycle

I actually find its overall design appealing and eye-catching. This electric motorcycle provides fast charging and longer range also.

Higher Prices

Most of the motorcycles come with a downside which I have listed in this. Also, it may have other downsides who knows. But with these compromises still, the price of electric motorcycles is comparatively high in present times.

And I am pretty sure that it will also become cheap with the upcoming changes in the technologies. But we don’t know the amount of time it will take.

Apart from higher prices, there are also problems with batteries of the electric motorcycle. Because the battery is the most expensive component of the electrical vehicles. Thus, if any failure occurs to the battery, it will empty your pocket.

Zero motorcycle brand provides five year warranty period on batteries because batteries die in most cases after or before five years.

Costly to Repair

Although, the electric motorcycle doesn’t need to be repaired except for some things like the drive belts and brake pads. These components needs to be replaced on every 40,000km.

But these electric motorcycles cones under proprietary technologies. It makes it nearly impossible to repair by an average repair shop. Even a little fault with the electric system will require electric engineer and will costs you too much money.

After that Battery is the most expensive component in the electric motorcycle. Normally, most of the electric motorcycle comes with a 5-years of battery warranty but after that, it becomes hard and costly, if something wrong goes with it.

Reason to buy an Electric motorcycle

As we have already discussed the downside of the electric motorcycle. It’s time to look into some positive side of it.

Less noise of Exhaust

Electric motorcycles are too quiet and don’t produce exhaust sound. It does make a little sound of motor and belt but that sound is not as strong as a standard fuel-powered motorcycle.

Electric motorcycles are more environment-friendly because it doesn’t create much noise. 

Also, it gives the newer generation the freedom to listen to their music. Anyway, people are buying Bluetooth helmets, thus it will further help them with their music.

Here, in the video you can listen to the sound that electric motorcycles made.

No worry of clutch & Speed gear

The electric motorcycle doesn’t traditionally come with a clutch and gearbox like standard motorcycles because it doesn’t need one. If you are looking for performance and speed then the electric motorcycle will not disappoint you. It provides instant torque and power and also maintains the entire rpm range too.

So, electric motorcycle will be the winner for the same displacement fuel powered motorcycle competing against it.

But there are some motorcycloes available that tries to give you the same old feeling of gearbox.

No pollution

If electric motorcycle becomes more commercial and popular like the fuel powered motorcycle. Then, it will be very helpful to the nature.

In terms of pollution it will reduce most of the noise & air pollution which is becoming the major concerns for the whole globe nowadays.

No burning petrol, gas, diesel, or use of any other fuel will save the emission in the environment. 

No headache of refueling

With an electric motorcycle, there is no worry about refueling and spending your dollars. Just charge your motorcycle overnight and ride the whole day (for a specified range).

Some motorcycle comes to provide an additional component for fast charging. With that, it will take only 3-3.5 hours to be fully charged. And as you finished your movies or work, your electric motorcycle will be ready for another long ride.

Lightning strike carbon edition which is priced at $19,998. It comes with level 3 DC fast charging support which will get ready for the 160km (100 miles) ride in just half an hour.

It will take some year or technologically advanced to reduce the charge time of the battery and increase its range.

Less/ No Maintance costs

Electric motorcycle doesn’t cost you much. It doesn’t need fuel or oil so, it doesn’t need servicing or maintenance.

Its mechanism works in a different way than a fuel powered motorcycle. 

But the drive belts and brake pads need to be replaced frequently on every 40,000km (approx, the value may change with companies and bike models.).

If you can see then there is not much expense or maintenance in short terms. But in the long term, it can cost you more money than you have ever expected.

For instance, Battery the most expensive and important part of the motorcycle. If your battery fails and it will in some years. The battery replacement will cost you money in a long time.

So, there are always two sides of a coin. It depends on you which one you are considering.


An electric motorcycle is just an infant in the market. And obviously, it is going to change the whole future as technological advancement comes.

But for now, it is too expensive and early for most consumers to get into it. Thus, most of the electric motorcycles are seen only to reacher people.

Or maybe the future belongs to hybrid technology wherein a motorcycle two-mode will be available. The vehicle will have electricity and fuel both the sources of power. So, if your battery dies you can fuel the motorcycle and get into your work without wasting a long time charging.

Or may be in future charging time gets reduced who knows. But it will be interesting.


Does anyone make an electric motorcycle?

There are lots of companies that are making electric motorcycles. Some are new one and some are the same company who were making fuel power motorcycle but becomes and changing the time they are also shifting. To name a few Harley Davidson live wire, Zero motorcycles, lightning strike, Johammer, Energia Ego, Arch Vehicle, etc.

Are electric motorcycles safe?

Electric motorcycles are as safe as a standard fuel-powered motorcycle. Apart from this electric motorcycle are more light-weight and agile than the fuel power one. So, there is not any danger in riding an electric motorcycle until you are riding it responsibly.

How long do electric motorcycles last?

The life of electric motorcycles entirely depends on the lifespan of the battery. Every motorcycle companies promise a battery lifespan with a certain number of miles. Thus, it varies from company to company and motorcycles model to model. For instance, Zero motorcycles have quote a battery life of 5,70,000km. Protection Status