Is Honda groom a good first motorcycle for beginners? Detail Overview

Are honda grom a good beginner motorcycle
Are honda grom a good beginner motorcycle

The Honda has been in the market for a long time and it’s known for its quality and reliability of its motorcycles. So, for any beginner who is thinking of buying their first motorcycle, this is the article for you. If you are confused about whether to buy a Honda grom as your first motorcycle or not. Here is what you need to know.

So, Is Honda grom a good first motorcycle? Honda grom is a light-weight, small CC, and budget-friendly motorcycle which makes it the best suited to buy as a first motorcycle. For those ridders who are just starting out in the world of riding then the honda grom will be a good vehicle as it’s budget-friendly and has a balance of power and style.

Herewith beginner riders, I mean teenagers or students who are just starting out they can go with honda grom. I would also not recommend tall riders either it is students or adults, don’t go with the honda grom. Apart from this if you are an adult don’t go with a honda grom as it is an underpowered and small motorcycle that doesn’t even make you feel like riding a motorcycle.

Thus, even if you are new in the market looking for the best beginner motorcycle to start with then there are lots of options for that. You don’t need to settle for a honda grom motorcycle. I have listed 5 motorcycles for beginners under the price of $5000 in this post. But before moving to that topics, let’ see what Honda grom motorcycle has to offer.

Here is the list of specification that a Honda grom motorcycle has to offer:-

Engine CC and Type125 CC (exact 123.9 CC) air-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke
No of gears5
Horsepower9.7 hp (7.2 kW) @7,000 rpm
Seat Height30.0 in
Kerb Weight106 kg or 234 lbs
Colors available4 (Black, Yellow, White, Blue)
Price$3,399 (Non-ABS) and $3,599  (ABS)

A beginner rider is more prone to make mistakes and if they start on a higher CC engine especially a sports one. Then they would not only damage themselves but also the motorcycle. And, like you know the service cost will empty your pockets. Thus, it will be better to start on a cheap motorcycle whether it’s new or used. With Honda grom packed with all the necessary features in their motorcycle will costs around $3,599 (ABS version). Honda grom specifications are such that they can fit most beginners. 

But, personally, I think if you have little extra money in your pocket then don’t go for honda grom as there are better options out there. With just a little money add-on of $1000 to $1500, you can get a better motorcycle packed with more power and better ergonomics, design, etc. I have talked about these motorcycles below that you can read. But before jumping to that portion we’ll first discuss some pros and cons of it. We’ll discuss some good point that makes honda groom better motorcycle for beginner and later I’ll move to the bad point that makes the riders to not choose it. So, let’s start.

Reasons to buy Honda-Grom as first motorcycle for beginners (Pros to buying honda grom)

In this section, I am going to talk about the reasons to take honda grom as your first motorcycle.

Engine Displacement

Honda grom comes with a 125cc engine that can achieve the top speed of 56 mph. This speed may be less for highways but a beginner who has never ridden a motorcycle before can’t handle high speed. Thus, with less speed, a beginner will be able to handle the motorcycle easily and learn to drive it. He/She can make a honda grom as a stepping stone in their journey of riding then later switch to higher displacement motorcycles.


Honda grom weighs only 234 lbs (106 kg) which is not only easy to handle but easy to lift also. As we know that weight plays an important factor while riding. A heavy-weight motorcycle may affect the riding experience and it may be hard for beginner riders to handle or lift if got fallen. But Honda grom removes this limit giving you the freedom to ride as a beginner leaving space to do adventure.

Fuel Efficiency

The thing that attracts me to honda grom is its fuel efficiency. Also according to Wikipedia “Part of the Honda Grom’s success has been its fuel economy rating of 134 mpg‑US (1.76 L/100 km; 161 mpg‑imp), a power output of 10 hp (7.5 kW) at 7,000 rpm, and a top speed of 56 MPH”. Thus with a honda grom motorcycle, you can ride without thinking about refueling which is good for students also.

Reasons to not buy Honda-Grom as first motorcycle for beginners (Cons to buying honda grom)


As, honda grom comes with a 125 cc engine, single-cylinder with a four-stroke engine that can provide you a top speed of 56 mph which is more than enough for a beginner. But, it is not enough to cruise on the road and get out of the traffic easily.

You will be left alone on the road as all the other motorcycles are generally faster than this. At the price point of $3,599 it the engine displacement it comes with is totally unjustifiable.

Comparing Honda grom to the Benelli T135 having almost the same look but Benelli is packed with more power than the honda grom and can easily outperform.

As grom is less powered motorcycle it can limit you while highway riding as well as group riding. If you ever thought of group riding then you will have to either drive with a specific group in which everybody has a honda grom motorcycle or having the same engine.

Thus, with less power or less speed, the riding experience will be boring. Even if I eliminate the engine power and go with it, but the price doesn’t satisfy the point of having a honda grom. 

Ergonomics & Design 

Honda grom handling problem
Honda grom handling problem

Honda grom is a small motorcycle can be used by students for their wandering purpose. But, if you are an adult never then it will not suit you until you are a short person. As you can see above image; while riding the honda grom handle will touch your foot as the distance is short between handles. Apart from this riding on it is like riding on a child’s motorcycle and will be a backache for tall riders in the long run.


Honda grom’s price is not justifiable comparing to its As, I am talking about the honda grom from the beginning that its price is not justifiable. As there are better options than honda grom like Benelli TnT135 which cost less than it and provide better power delivery. Or, if you just invest some more money then you can get a full-fledged 400cc sports motorcycle. That’s the reason I don’t recommend Honda grom even to beginners because they will outgrow very faster and then grom will be boring to ride.

That’s why I have shared the motorcycle that is a little expensive but is really a motorcycle that will keep you hooked up for several years.

Best Alternative to Honda Grom : Top 6 alternatives for Honda Grom

These motorcycles are packed with double or triple the power of Honda Grom under the price point of $5000.

If you were buying a honda grom motorcycle having an engine displacement of 125cc with which you couldn’t even accelerate more than 56 mph (90 kmph).

But, if you just invest $1000 more then you can get double the displacement and double speed than honda grom.

In my opinion, as a beginner buy a used motorcycle then with time buy a new one under $5000. Cause, it would be a better option than settling directly with Honda Grom.

Here is the list of motorcycles under $5000 that can be better than Honda Grom.

Motorcycle ModelEngine DisplacementPrice
Kawasaki Ninja 400 (Non-ABS)399cc$4,999
Yamaha YZF-R3321cc$4,999
Honda CB300R286 cc$4999
BMW G310R313cc$4845
Honda MT-03321 cc$4,599
Benelli TnT135135 cc$2,699

As, you can see there are plenty of options to buy a motorcycle under $5000 which are excellent in speed, handling, looks, etc.


Honda grom is a good motorcycle but as there are other options at some additional money. Also, Benelli Tn135 will be a better motorcycle than the honda grom as it totally justifies its price point. Benelli Tn135 not only costs $1000 less but also comes with more power than honda grom. And, if you have gotten to the decision that no matter what you want honda grom. If this is so then to buy a used one, as you will be able to ride the honda grom will less price then after some time as you excel at riding sell it and get a new motorcycle of higher displacement motorcycle.


Do you need to have a license to ride Honda grom?

According to the U.S department, any vehicle bigger than 100cc requires an authorized license to be ridden on the road. So, make sure you get your license before you start to ride on the road. As honda grom is 125cc thus it requires a valid driving license. for more information check your local state website regarding motorcycle license. Protection Status