Riding Dirtbike in the rain: Detail Overview and tips to make ride safe

Is it safe to ride dirt bike in the rain
Is it safe to ride dirt bike in the rain

Riding in the rain can be an adventure as well as a frightening experience. And, riding dirtbikes in the rain is what we are always waiting for but I have also seen some of my friends afraid of riding and fear of getting damage to their dirt bikes. So, to demystify the myth here is the real answer.

Is it safe to ride a dirtbike in the rain? Dirt bikes are safe to ride in the rain as they have grippy tires, a high-mounted exhaust, and sealed wiring which makes them safe to be ridden in the rainy and slippery trails. Although, don’t leave dirt bikes in the rain for long if you are not riding; as it can cause mechanical and cosmetic damage.

Riding in the rain is a joy of a different level, it is a kind of adventure that is worth doing or experiencing. And whatever doubts you have regarding riding the dirt bikes in the rain will be cleared in this article.

Will riding in the rain hurt dirt bike?

Riding the dirt bike in the rain will not bring any cosmetic or mechanical damage to it. But, it will get hell dirty with muds which can’t be prevented (except if you ride the dirt bike in dry trails).
There are chances that your dirt bikes may get damaged which will entirely depend on you choosing the place of the ride and your way of riding.
If you make some mistakes while riding, like falling off or getting hit by some stone, trees, mud, etc., it will hurt the dirt bike.
To save your dirt bike from getting hurt is not to take it to the hollow pit or bog where the water levels are touching the engine. If you accidentally drove the dirt bike into a hollow pit covered with water, then make sure to come out as quickly as possible.
And make sure that the water has not reached the motorcycle’s engine, which is the real mechanical damage we are concerned about.

Risks of riding Dirt bike in the rain

If you are riding a dirtbike in the rain then you must be aware of the risks involved in this. The common risks involve mainly safety, cosmetic, and mechanical damage. But these will be eliminated as you get some experience of riding in the rain.

So, the most common risk of riding dirtbikes in the rain are:-

  • Low or Decreased traction
  • Mudy and Slippery trails
  • Hollow pits/ditch
  • Decreased or low vision
  • Cosmetic or Mechanical Damage

Low and Decreased traction

In the rain, the places will be filled with mud because of the water mixing with soil which will lead to forming the muds, and then later you will drive on that. Here I am talking about the slippery roads/trails which occur due to rain that can affect the traction of the tires.

Although new tires provide a remarkable grip on the most slippery surfaces and that the reason these tires don’t last long. But riding in the rain can’t guarantee you the traction like driving on dry roads. Thus, this is the first risk for new riders who are going to explore the adventure during rain with the dirt bike. So, you (the beginner riders) need to be extra careful during riding in the rain.

But, for experienced riders decreased traction is not even an issue with the little bit of balance you can get away. 

Muddy and slippery trails

Riding dirt bike on the muddy and slippery trails
Riding dirt bike on the muddy and slippery trails

With a dirt bike, I am assuming that you are going to ride off-roading like slippery clay, unpaved roads, hills, terrain, etc. So, I am sure that you will encounter muddy and slippery trails like the picture above.

And if you are new to dirt biking then you may get imbalanced or even fall sometimes while driving because of the slippery clay and muddy trails. Make sure to ride only till the slippery trails not converted into rivers. For more information to drive effectively with a dirt bike while it’s raining. Read the below portion on “Tips to ride a dirt bike in the rain”.

Be safe from hollow pits and bog

Driving Dirt bike in a hollow pit filled with water
Driving Dirt bike in a hollow pit filled with water

Riding in the rain can be risky because of some hollow pit covered with water resulting in the illusionary surface as you can see above in the picture. These pits get filled with water during the rain that results in the bog. So, make sure to check the level of the pits before getting into them.

Getting in the pits can be risky and also cause mechanical and sometimes cosmetic harm to the dirt bike if water gets into the engine which is possible in pits filled with water.

Apart from this, you can get stuck in these types of hollow pits during riding in the rain. So, make sure you ride in familiar places and you know the lanes before going into them.

And, if you are riding in a place covered with trees (forest) as shown in the video then if possible don’t ride alone. Because you may get stuck in muds, pits, bog, etc. while riding, so your friends will help you to cope up with these and several other harsh situations.

Decreased Vision 

There are two situations to consider while talking about visibility. The first one is not being able to see and the second one is not being able to seen or noticed. Riding in the rain brings less visibility if you are wearing any google’s or helmet because these don’t come with a wiper or defogging fan.

Although, modern helmets and googles do not let the water stays on the screen. But, for effective cleaning one can use water-repellant sprays which will further help the rainwater to get roll off the visors easily.

So, now the first problem is solved about not being able to see. The second issue about not being able to see clearly can also be easily solved by wearing some high-visibility clothes or riding with lights on.

But high-visibility clothes are more effective than riding the dirt bike with the lights on. So, if you are riding with many people then make sure to wear an odd dress.

Cosmetic and Mechanical Damage

Riding a dirt bike in the rain can cause cosmetic and mechanical damage. Before I talk further on damage let’s talk of the basic difference between cosmetic and mechanical damage.

Minor damage like nicks, dents, scratches, corrosion, etc is counted in cosmetic damage whereas physical problems like damage to the engine, problems with exhaust, brakes, clutch, etc come under mechanical damage. So, now we know about both types of damage let’s talk about the possible damage that can occur to your dirt bike while riding in the rain.

If we see the causes then riding dirt bikes in the rain can cause damage in both ways in some specific situations.

The mechanical damage can occur because of falling on the trails or riding in the pits where water can enters into exhaust or engine. So, to avoid and drive safely be away from pits, bogs, and puddles.

Tips to make the dirt bike riding experience better and safe in the rain:-

If you are a new or totally beginner rider trying to get the taste of riding a dirt bike in the rain on slippery clay, puddles, trails full of water. Then you will make mistakes that require extra time and practice to drive on these roads. So, here I have included the following required essential tips that will help to enhance the riding experience.

Tip#1- Ride in low revolution in poor traction area

While riding a dirt bike in the rain on the slippery clay, it doesn’t matter how better your tires are; the traction between tires and ground will be decreased and become low. You will have to drive carefully during rain because of low traction. So, When the traction is poor, try riding in low-revolution and apply the throttle carefully. Be light on the brakes, and be super smooth. Because if you break hard during riding on slippery clay, then you may get fall on mud.

Tip#2- Precheck the dirt bike for thoroughly before ride

Before getting to ride with your dirt bike take some time to pre-check for the mechanical parts and tire pressure. Make sure the brakes are working well.

Tip#3- Make sure to clean the visor

Riding dirt bikes during rain is dangerous than riding them in the dry season. Because the helmets and goggles may get filled with muds as you ride and they don’t come with any wiper so sometimes it’s hard to see through them while riding.

Thus, the important tip here is to see things clearly and see them by others while riding in the rain. Wear HIgh-visibility bright clothes to get noticed or seen even from the blurry views from other riders during rain. You can also use water-repellent sprays, so that water doesn’t stay long on the glasses.

Tip#4- Wear Water-proof gear to remain dry

If you are going to ride in the rain then you will get covered with mud, clay, and the most important thing that you will be wet. And, if you rode in a wet state for a long time, you may get ill. Thus, remember to wear water-proof riding gear like a good quality raincoat, waterproof gloves, waterproof boots, helmets, etc. This gear will help you to stay dry in most cases. But, you may get a little wet eventually as you ride in the rain.

Thus, if possible must bring an extra pair of clothes so that you can go home feeling warm. Make sure to store the clothes in a waterproof bag. You can also keep the bag with yourself on the bike but I don’t think it’s a good idea to do so. Just leave it in your car or your friend’s car, if anyone has one. Or find a closet or any safe place near to riding place to store these clothes because you may be covered with mud who knows.

Tip#5- Choose the right place to ride

While riding a dirt bike in the rain it’s important to be safe from hollow pits or puddles filled with water. Riding through hollow pits can be deceiving because in rain it will be filled with water. So, you will not know its deepness before actually getting into it. And it’s risky to ride on hollow pits or bogs. The important thing is to choose the safe known trails where you are going to ride your dirt bike during rain. It’s better to avoid the water-filled pits or puddles during rain.

Tip#6- Don’t go deep in the hollow pits, muds

While riding in the rain make sure you don’t go deep in the mud, bog, or puddle that your engine gets covered or goes above it. It will affect your dirt bike engine and overall bike.

Tip#7- Keep your valuable items in safe place before ride

Before getting into rides with your dirt bike make sure to keep your valuable items like mobile phones, power bank, etc in your car. Or if you want to keep these items with you then make sure to put things into a ziplock or any other waterproof bag so that the items remain dry and safe.

Tip#8- Adjust the dirt bike tire pressure to 12 psi

While riding a dirt bike in the rain the tire pressure must be a little adjusted so that the traction remains good between tires and mud. The tire pressure recommended by passionate dirt bike riders is 12 psi (Pound-force per square).


Riding dirt bikes in the rain can be a dangerous or daunting experience for beginner riders. But for experienced riders, it’s a sheer joy and an incredible adventure. To save yourself from water, mud, etc., you will require to wear waterproof accessories like raincoats, gloves, boots, etc.
Riding in the rain can be a daunting experience, and you are probably not thinking of getting covered with water and mud while riding. So, you must wear waterproof riding gear to save yourself from being wet or get soaked up with mud or dirt.
Apart from this riding, a dirtbike requires a certain skill set and if you have the skills, then riding the dirtbike in the rain is of no danger. For beginners riding a dirt bike in the rain can be a difficult task that will require practice and time. So, keep practicing and getting better at riding the dirt bike in the rain.


Can I leave my dirt bike out in the rain?

Leaving the dirtbike in rain for a short period of time is fine if needed. But, make sure to not leave your dirtbike in the rain for a longer period of time because it can cause mechanical and cosmetic damage that will lead to corrosion, and possibly engine damage or failure if the water gets inside. 

As we all know prevention is better than cure. So, we should use some waterproof motorcycle cover to cover the dirt bike off before leaving it out in the rain or even on normal days.

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