Should you replace motorcycle helmets after a crash? Detail Analysis

Shoei Motorcycle Helmet
Shoei Motorcycle Helmet

It happens every time, I am talking about a motorcycle crash and unexpected accidents. We all know the helmet’s responsibility for saving our heads. Now, many questions start to pop out in relation to motorcycle helmets. In this post, I am going to cover the most common and important questions. 

Should you replace motorcycle helmets after the crash? You must replace your motorcycle helmet after the crash or accident because the foam part of a helmet is made for one-time use. Thus, after the crash, the helmet is no longer as protective as it was; even if it looks intact like before from outside.

Ever you don’t see any wear tear on the helmets, there is a high chance your helmet foam has got some wear or tear inside it. It may not be visible from naked eyes.

Even if you don’t want to change your helmets because it is looking unimpacted then you should consider taking your helmet to manufacturers to inspect.

How to check if a motorcycle helmet is damaged?

There are some ways by which you can able to check if a motorcycle helmet is damaged or not.

The first thing which you can do is send the helmet for inspection to the manufacturer. A manufacturer will do an in-deep inspection and tell you the right condition of the helmet. It is easy for most people, just take your helmet to the nearest shop or manufacturer.

Now, another method is to inspect the motorcycle helmet by yourself. Here are some things that you can do to check the helmet’s condition.

The most common damage like scratches on the helmet shell, tear or crack is easy to inspect with naked eyes. But it is hard for normal people to inspect the hidden damage of the helmets.

The damage of the protective layer between the hard lining and outer shell. This is the most important thing to check. Generally, unless you are some kind of expert, you can’t able to inspect that.

Or you can do one thing that hit your helmet hard on any surface if this shows any wear, tear then go change the helmet immediately.

And, personally, I think it is a very horrible idea because someone who has paid $400 or more dollars for a helmet will not be able to hit the helmets once more after the crash.  And also there is no need to do it.

So, it is better to take your helmet to the manufacturer and get it to check and also have some advice. If it becomes necessary then get your helmet replaced.

How much impact can a motorcycle helmet take?

To know the impact the motorcycle helmet can take, you have to know how rigorously the motorcycle helmets are tested.

The amount of impact any helmet can take will depend on the helmet’s certification and the amount of money you have paid for it. The certification shows the overall helmet’s endurance from the impact.

There are many certifications like DOT, ECI, SHARP, Snells, etc. If your helmets come with these certifications then you should be assured that your helmet can save you from most accidents undoubtedly for the first time.

The motorcycle helmets are tested in a controlled manner where helmets are positioned on a metalhead and then dropped in various angles and ways.

They are passes through a drop test, shell penetration test, chin bar test, face shield penetration test, flame resistance test, etc. Thus the conclusion of the impact any motorcycle can take will require to consider all the tests. And the conclusion results in the form of certification.

So, by looking at the type of certification any motorcycle helmet has, you can know the overall impact it is going to take.

If you wish to know more about motorcycle helmets, you can read this article. I have also recommended some certified budget motorcycle helmets as low as $150.

Here is a Youtube video showing the various test done on the motorcycle to check its rigidity and endurance.


Do helmets really protect against a crash?

Helmets are considered the most crucial gear to protect against any crash. It reduces the risk of head injury by 69% and reduces the risk of death by 37%. Helmets not only protect your head against a crash but also contribute to saving you from brain injury and neck injury.

How often should you replace your motorbike helmet?

Most motorcycle manufacturers suggest the rider change his helmets every five years for increased safety. Apart from this, if you have been into some crash or accidents with then you must replace that helmet. Even if the helmets don’t show wear, tear on the outside. 

The most common reason to replace the motorcycle helmets after the crash is due to the protective layer. It is made to absorb the total impact for the first time. So, after the crash, the protective structure gets impacted.

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