Should you warm up your motorcycle before riding it? Explained!

Should you warm up your motorcycle before a ride?
Should you warm up your motorcycle before a ride?

Warming the motorcycle warms the engine oil to provide better lubrication and flow throughout the engine parts. If you ride the motorcycle without warming up, the oil temperature will not be at its operating level, providing less pumpability and lubrication. 

Thus, running a motorcycle without warming up can damage the engine parts in the long run. 

The motorcycle needs to be warmed up before riding because a normal operating temperature is required to achieve optimal parts clearance inside the engine. If the clearances are less among parts than normal due to the low engine temperature (without warming up), then due to the throttle demands the internal temperatures can rise very rapidly and cause the piston to heat up and expand ahead of cylinder bores. The chances of clearance-related scuffing and seizure are thereby increased proportionally.

Oil circulation is the primary reason to warm up your motorcycle before riding. Because cold oil inhibits the property of pumpability and flowability in the engine.

Apart from this, if you didn’t warm up the motorcycle before taking it to ride, something might break in the engine. 

Now it’s clear how important it is to warm up the engine before riding? I will be discussing all the basic questions regarding the warm-up.

Here are the following benefits to warm up the motorcycle before you ride:-

  • Efficient Oil circulation
  • Prevents piston scuffing
  • Warming-up helps the metal parts expand inside the engine
  • Optimal Parts clearance
  • Less chance of stalling
  • Enhanced performance and safety 

Now let’s discuss the most concerning question among the riders: “How long should you warm-up the motorcycle before your ride?

How long should I let my motorcycle warm-up before riding? 

You should warm up your motorcycle for 1 min to 2 min before hitting the road or track. So, the best way to warm up your motorcycle is to start the motorcycle and then let it idle for one or two minutes, then roll off slowly for the engine temperature to become operational.

Motorcycles equipped with a carbureted system need to be warmed up a little longer than newer fuel-injected models. So, if you have a carbureted system then warm up your motorcycle for two to three minutes. Warming a motorcycle engine before you hit the road or trail is a required thing to do. 

Nowadays newer motorcycles come with fuel injection instead of carburetors and with the combination of synthetic oil you can go ahead as soon as you hit the switch. 

But warming up before going on the road is always a wise decision due to the reasons mentioned above. 

Thus warming up the motorcycle is not only restricted to the older models (equipped with carburetted). You should also warm up to modern FI (Fuel Injected) model motorcycles for performance. 

Fuel-injected motorcycles are able to circulate the fuel faster and can be ridden as soon as you press the start button, but it doesn’t mean the FI models don’t need a warm-up. 

As of now, we have discussed the time required to warm up the motorcycle either it is a carburated system or a fuel-injected one. Let’s talk 

How to warm up the motorcycle?

Warming up the motorcycle is easy and almost every rider must be aware of it. It helps to achieve the optimal operating temperature for the engine and the oil to work properly.

To warm up the motorcycle you just need to let them idle for one to five minutes if you have carbureted model. But if you are having a modern fuel-injected motorcycle you just need to let the motorcycle idle for one to two minutes and you are good to go.

One thing to note here is you should not pull off the throttle after the warm-up period mentioned above. After the warm-up period, you should roll off slowly gently for the engine to reach its optimal temperature properly for some distance.

After that, you can go as fast as you want to but make sure to not hit any vehicle or get hit by it:).

Never warm up your motorcycle on the side stand as it can prevent the oil flow and cause the oil to pool on the side of it. Thus, make sure to always warm up your motorcycle on the center stand or while you are ready to ride.


So, warming the motorcycle is very crucial to let the engine comes into its operational temperature and let the oil circulate properly. Cold oil inhibits the properly lubrication properly thus creating more friction among the parts inside the engine that can lead to premature wear of the parts. Thus make sure to warm up your motorcycle for one to two minutes before taking it into the ride.



Should I warm up my motorcycle every day?

Yes, you should warm up your motorcycle every day before the ride as it doesn’t take more time than it would take to adjust your sunglasses and wear your gloves and helmets. Just let the motorcycle idle for one to two minutes before rolling off.

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