Top 10 Motorcycles for Short Riders 2022 – Best Budget Buy

Top 10 Motorcycles for Short Riders
Top 10 Motorcycles for Short Riders

Everybody loves riding motorcycles because of the joy and comfort we get from them. Tall riders can drive any motorcycle they want as they have the advantage of height. But for short riders, motorcycles don’t seem fitting and comfortable. The motorcycle seat may be too high, too wide making your foot unable to reach. Many short riders either male or female don’t have an idea regarding choosing a motorcycle that matches their height. Thus in this article, we will be discussing the top 10 motorcycles for all types of short riders. Let’s start with the basic talk.

Here is the list of top 10 motorcycles for short riders:-

I will be discussing the top 10 motorcycles that are made to fit shorter riders. I want you to know that your height isn’t the factor for riding a motorcycle. But, this list will contain the motorcycle that will be perfect for shorter riders.

Motorcycle ModelSeat Height
Indian Scout sixty25.6 inch (649 mm)
Honda Rebel 25026.6 inch (675.64 mm)
Triumph Bonneville Bobber27.17 inch (690.118 mm)
Kawasaki Vulcan S27.75 inch (705 mm)
Yamaha V-star 25027 inch (685 mm)
Honda Goldwing29.3 inch (745 mm)
Triumph Street Twin29.9 inch (760 mm)
BMW F 750 GS30.3 inch (770 mm)
Kawasaki Versys X-300 32.1 inch (815.34 mm)
Ducati Monster 1200S795 mm – 820 mm (Height Adjustable)
List of Motorcycle models with their seat height

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Now, coming to our topic, here is the list. We will start with the India Scout Sixty motorcycle:-

Indian Scout sixty

Indian Scout Bobber Motorcycle
Indian Scout Bobber Motorcycle
  • Seat height:- 25.6 inch (649 mm) 
  • Price:- $9,499 to $10,799

Starting with the first lowest seat height motorcycle in this list, the Indian Scout sixty. It comes with 25.6 inches (649 mm) seat height which is very much approachable for most short riders either male or female. So, if you are under 5 feet or above, then the Indian scout sixty will be the most suitable & comfortable motorcycle for you.

The lower seating height of scout sixty with the forward foot positioning makes the riding comfortable for short riders. The scout sixty weight is around 252 kg but you will feel lighter while riding because of the lower seating position and low center of gravity.

Indian scout sixty is powered by a 999cc liquid-cooled V-twin engine that packs 78 horsepower and five transmission cruising power. The Indian scout carries the styling and looks from its elder sibling retaining the true heritage and retro styling.

The blackout treatment of wheels, crankcases covers, cylinder heads, etc makes the motorcycle visually appealing.

Indian scout sixty is a cruiser-type motorcycle with the soul of a cafe racer. So, this motorcycle is very much comfortable for short distances but while doing long distances your butt might feel pain. So, make sure to take a few butt breaks to enjoy the ride for longer distances. Indian scout sixty price ranges between $9,499 to $10,799. 

Honda Rebel 250 / 500

Honda Rebel 250
Honda Rebel 250
  • Seat height:- 26.6 inches (676 mm)
  • Price :- $4,599

When talking about the best motorcycles for short riders then one thing that always crosses my mind is Honda Rebel 250 and 500. These motorcycles are best for beginners especially for short riders because of their lightweight, and smaller displacement. 

The Honda rebel has a low seat height of 26.6 inches (676 mm) and it weighs 329 lbs. It is the approachable height for most of the shorter riders of height such as 5’2, 5’4, etc. It will be easier for riders to not only ride but also make themselves easily park as you can flat-foot because of low seat height.

The Honda Rebel 250 is powered by a small 234cc V-twin engine which is capable of giving you a top speed of 60 mph to 70 mph. You should buy Honda Rebel if you are looking for fuel-efficient, reliable, and cruiser-style motorcycle. The base price of the Honda rebel 250 is $4,599.

But if you are looking for more power in the same segment of this motorcycle then you should go for Honda Rebel 500.

The seat height of the Honda Rebel 500 is a little higher than its predecessor, its seat height is 27.2 inches (690.88 mm).

It is powered by a 471 cc engine and can generate power of 47.5 PS @8500 and a torque of 43.3 Nm @6000rpm. The base price of the Rebel 500 is $6,299.

Thus, at last, I would be concluding if you are looking for better power then go for the Rebel 500 otherwise most of the things are similar.

Triumph Bonneville Bobber

Triumph Bonneville Bobber
Triumph Bonneville Bobber
  • Seat height:- 27.17 inch (690 mm) 
  • Price :- $11,950

Now we will talk about a motorcycle brand that is known for retaining its vibe of classic design, elements. The Triumph Bonneville Bobber is one of the most desirable, eye-catching, and cool motorcycles. It comes with a low seat height of 27.17 inches (690.118 mm) which is more than enough for 5 feet and higher riders.

Thanks to the accessibility the low seat height and the look it is a charming asset for riders.

The Bonneville Bobber is equipped with a 1200cc engine that can provide 76 max horsepower and 79.17 lb-ft of max torque.

Thus, if you were looking for an accessible seat height motorcycle with all the sterling and looks then the Triumph bobber is for you.

Kawasaki Vulcan S

Kawasaki Vulcan S
Kawasaki Vulcan S
  • Seat height:- 27.75 inch (705 mm)
  • Price:- $7,199.

Kawasaki Vulcan S is a mid-range urban cruiser-type motorcycle powered by a liquid-cooled, 4 strokes 649cc engine that is capable of churning out 61hp of peak power.

With a low seat height of 27.75 inches (705 mm), most of the short riders can be flat feet and ride comfortably. Even if you are below 5 ft you can comfortably ride Kawasaki Vulcan S and feel the ride.

Apart from this Kawasaki Vulcan S comes with an Ergo-fit configuration. It’s a concept of adjusting the height of the motorcycle according to the rider’s needs. Therefore, the Vulcan S is not only good for short riders but also for taller ones. As there is an option to get the bike customized that suits your height.

Kawasaki Vulcan S is an affordable motorcycle priced at $7,199. Thus, any rider interested in urban cruising can go with Vulcan S as it is well-designed and beautiful. 

Yamaha V-star 250

Yamaha V star 250
Yamaha V star 250
  • Seat height:-  27 inches (685.8 mm)
  • Price :-$4,599

Yamaha V-star 250 is an affordable cruiser with the third lowest seat height on this list. It is an entry-level bike that features the lowest seat height of 27 inches (685.8 mm). So, it an another best motorcycles for short riders as your feet will easily touch the ground.

The V-star 250 is a nice-looking, affordable, and classic-style cruiser. It is powered by a 249cc air-cooled, 60 degrees V-twin engine with 5-speed transmission. 

The Yamaha V-star also gives better fuel economy, an estimate of 78 mpg. It is priced at $4,599. So, if you were looking for an affordable low-seat height cruiser then V-star 250 is for you.

Honda Goldwing Touring Motorcycle

Honda Goldwing
Honda Goldwing
  • Seat height:- 745 mm (29.3 inches)
  • Price :- $29,300

If you are a short rider and looking for a suitable Touring motorcycle then Honda Goldwing is for you. 

Honda Goldwing is a very comfortable tourer motorcycle in addition it has also given attention to increasing passenger comfort and providing more storage.

The seat height of Goldwing is estimated at 745 mm (29.3 inches), so even a 5ft rider can ride this motorcycle easily.

Talking about the engine capacity, it is equipped with a liquid-cooled 1,833cc engine. It can provide a horsepower of 90 hp @5,420 rpm and a torque of 102.5 lb-ft.

Talking about the price, Honda Goldwing is priced higher at $29,300 due to being Tourer motorcycle. So, if you were looking for a tourer motorcycle being a short rider then Goldwing is an opportunity for you.

Triumph Street Twin

Triumph street twin
Triumph street twin
  • Seat height:- 760 mm
  • Price :- $9,900

Triumph street twin comes with a 900cc liquid-cooled engine that is capable of delivering thrilling performance with 80Nm peak torque. The Triumph street has an accessible saddle height of only 29.5 inches (760 mm) making this the perfect motorcycle for short riders.

The Street Twin comes with unique styling and comfort making the motorcycle more thrilling while riding. Its ergonomics is very comfortable so you can also stretch street twin for longer riders which any back pain. The street twin comes in three stylish colors also allowing you to customize your motorcycle for unique styling. It is priced at $9,900.

If you were looking for a retro-type motorcycle with customization then go for it.


  • Seat Height:- 30.3 inch (770 mm)
  • Price :- $11,255 

BMW F750 GS is a good adventure motorcycle for short riders because of its saddle height of 30.3 inches. It’s a mid-sized and powerful adventure motorcycle with good handling and modern technology. 

The BMW F750 GS is powered by a four-stroke 853 cc twin engine providing you 77 horsepower at 7,500 rpm and 61 foot-pounds of torque at 6,000 rpm.

The motorcycle is lightweight and easy to handle in all conditions making the ride enjoyable. The only con of the BMW F750 GS is not having good wind protection.

Talking of the storage space then it’s configurable and saddlebags and a top box are always an option if needed.

Kawasaki Versys X-300 

Kawasaki Versys X-300
Kawasaki Versys X-300
  • Seat Height :- 32.08 inch (815 mm)
  • Price :- $5,499

Kawasaki Versys X-300 is another adventure motorcycle after BMW F750 GS. The seat height of Versys X-300 is 815 mm (32 inches) which will be comfortable for a person height of 5’3 ft and after. It can also be comfortable for people with a shorter height than 5’3 ft but you need to buy a good pair of shoes to make you touch the ground.

Coming to the specifications, The Kawasaki Versys X-300 comes with a parallel-twin 296cc engine that can provide a maximum torque of 19 ft/lbs @10,000 rpm.

Kawasaki Versys X-300 being an adventure motorcycle is capable of going both on and off-road. You can take the Versys X-300 to cruise for long-distance comfortably at 75-80 mph.

The fuel range of this bike is excellent from the 4.5-gallon tank giving you a mileage range of 57 mpg to 63 mpg.

Ducati Monster 1200S

Ducati Monster 1200S
Ducati Monster 1200S
  • Seat Height:- Adjustable 795 – 820 mm (31.30 – 32.28 in)
  • Price :- $14,995

The Ducati Monster 1200 comes with a liquid-cooled 1,198 cc engine that can churn out a power of 147 hp @ 9250 rpm and torque of 91 lb-ft (124 Nm). Being a naked motorcycle Ducati Monster 1200S is comfortable and smooth to ride.

Talking about the seat height then it’s adjustable between 795 to 820 mm thus it’s plenty for shorter riders.

The Ducati Monster comes with three riding modes (Sports, Touring, and Urban). So, choose the mode and you will get the required performance. The Ducati has an exceptionally wide handlebar that does a good job of equalizing its 465-pound curb weight.


In this post, I have discussed the top 10 motorcycles for short riders that includes all types of motorcycles such as naked, retro, cafe type, dual-sports, adventure, etc. You will get every type of motorcycle in this list with the lowest seat height possible.

The only thing to note here is always to try the bike by yourself before buying it. You should consider seat height but not depend on it completely. Thanks for reading the article!! Protection Status