Most Affordable Dual Sport Motorcycles For Extreme Beginners!!

Most Affordable Dual-sport motorcycle for Beginners

Dual sport motorcycles have always been a favorable bike type when considering traveling long distances on pavement or forays onto dirt roads. Dual-sports motorcycle is a blend made to join the on & off-road. Whatever the case riders don’t want to stop traveling on any road type or conditions; so riders’ first choice has always been dual sport bikes.

But a little confusion has always been with the dual sports motorcycle selection for their next adventure. Because every bike has some pros and cons… So considering that I have made a brief list of dual-sport motorcycles, especially for beginners that will make it easy for you to find.

In this blog post, I will be discussing the top 5 Affordable dual-sports motorcycles that you can choose for your next adventure according to your needs.

Here is the list of the top 5 Affordable dual sports motorcycles:-

Dual-Sport MotorcyclePrice
Yamaha XT250$6,199
Kawasaki KLX250S$5,399
Suzuki DR650S$6,999
Yamaha TW200$4,899
Honda CRF300 rally$5,999
Best Dual-sport Motorcycle

Yamaha XT250 Dual-sport $6,199

Yamaha XT250 Dual-sport motorcycle
Yamaha XT250 Dual-sport motorcycle

Yamaha XT250 is one the best dual sport motorcycles for beginners as it’s lightweight and powered with a 249cc air-cooled SOHC 4-stroke single engine. Its 249cc engine gives it a stable power output on both streets and off-roading. 

Yamaha is an electric start, light, low-seat height motorcycle built to go anywhere you take it.

The XT250 features a low seat height of 31.9 inches and a ground clearance of 11.2 inches, making it best for trail (off-road) riding. So, along with low seat height, the XT250 also provides more than 11 inches of ground clearance which is sufficient for rough terrain. Thanks to Yamaha for considering these things.

Because of its low seat height, short riders can also enjoy the thrill of riding on dual-sports motorcycles. For example, if your height is 5’4”, you can touch the ground with both feet.

Also, I have written a whole article on best motorcycle for short riders” make sure to check it out.

Talking about the suspension, XT250 is equipped with a soft suspension that provides 8.9 inches of front-wheel travel and 7.1 inches of rear-wheel travel.

According to Yamaha sports, “The fuel economy of XT250 is 76 MPG and its price is starting at $5,299 (est).” 

Yamaha XT250  is budget friendly and ideal for beginners. If you are buying your first dual sport motorcycle then go with XT 250 without thinking twice.

It is a dual sports motorcycle for beginners, who want to experience the adventure of trails, looking for a reliable, and go-anywhere motorcycle.

Kawasaki KLX 250$5,399

Kawasaki KLX250 dual-sport motorcycle
Kawasaki KLX250 dual-sport motorcycle

Kawasaki KLX 250 motorcycle delivers serious on and off-road riding performance that appeals to riders of various skill levels. It also comes with a 249cc engine with a fuel-injected four-stroke engine while delivering smooth, responsive power delivery.

One thing is sure with the KLX 250 dual sport motorcycle you are going to enjoy your smoothest ride on clean paved roads as well as on trails.

With KLX 250 dual sports provides 11.2-inch ground clearance which is more than enough to get you from rough terrain. Apart from it, the seat height of the bikes is 35 inches (890 mm). 

KLX 250 provides you with a superior ride thanks to its adjustable Uni-Tank rear suspension coupled with an adjustable long-travel telescopic USD front fork.

With KLX250 you can enjoy quiet, friendly, little adventurous riding. The riding position is quite natural, the seat is cozy, and the engine is mostly free of vibration.

If you are a beginner, Kawasaki KLX 250 dual sport motorcycle is for you unless you need a high-speed rough ride. It is for those who need a quiet, easy, and normal ride enjoying every bit of the ride. It’s not for heavy riders who need dual sports motorcycles to jump high, fast riding on rough terrains, etc.

Suzuki DR650S Dual-Sport$6,999

Suzuki DR650S Dual Sport motorcycle
Suzuki DR650S Dual Sport motorcycle

Till now we discussed two dual sport motorcycles that were best for any beginners starting to ride.

Now we have the best all-around dual-purpose motorcycle, the Suzuki DR650. Before I delve into its technical details I want to say that, if you want performance value while riding and enjoy every bit of thrill on the rough trails. Must consider this dual-sport motorcycle Suzuki DR650S as its light-weight and easily maneuverable.

The Suzuki DR650S features a reliable, 644cc, air and oil-cooled, four-stroke, single-engine. Its engine is tuned to provide performance in the low-to-mid-rpm range.

DR650S features the Suzuki Advanced Cooling System (SACS). They have used piston-jet cooling and an engine oil cooler further to provide you with consistent performance in any riding situation.

Apart from the DR650S and all the nice technical specs, etc., it’s a reliable as well as affordable dual-sport bike. 

Although the Suzuki packs a 644cc engine but rather its light for its size and has a weight of only 162kg. So, this bike is the best choice as it has enough mass to be stable on highways and light enough to have proper run around on rough terrain. 

Talking about the fuel economy, it averages 50 mpg and the bike cost only $6,899. Even if this seems out of your budget you can purchase it secondhand. 

It’s not hard to find one because this bike has been in production since almost 1996. And the amazing thing about old bikes is it’s easy to get their spare parts for less price. So, ready for your next adventure don’t forget to consider Suzuki DR650S. 

If I keep on talking about DR650S, this article would go off track. So, let’s move on to another amazing dual-sport motorcycle.

Yamaha TW200$4,899

Yamaha TW200 Dual-Sport Motorcycle
Yamaha TW200 Dual-Sport Motorcycle

This is the second bike of Yamaha in this list, I am going to talk about. Well, the Yamaha TW200 is one of the cheapest and most reliable dual-sport motorcycles by Yamaha as it costs only $4,899.

The Yamaha TW200 is equipped with a 196cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine and is paired with a smooth five-speed gearbox to deliver low- to midrange torque and approachable power for any paved roads or trails.

Yamaha has provided this bike with fat tires for better grips and a distinctive dual sport unique design. The rider’s comfort has been kept in mind with TW200, the long and wide cozy seat design will give you comfort while commuting.

The TW200 is a rider-friendly machine, and great for beginners for runaround here. To take on the bumps and rocks on trails, it has a 33mm telescopic fork and a single shock with a nice 6.3 and 5.9 inches of travel front and rear.

TW200 can deliver an impressive 78 mpg fuel economy which is very much efficient. One thing to note here is, If you are looking for a fuel-injection engine then go with Yamaha XT250. Because the TW200 engine has a Mikuni carb engine.

Now, let’s discuss our last but not least dual sport motorcycle for our extreme beginners.

Honda CRF300 RALLY

Honda CRF300 Rally
Honda CRF300 Rally

In this blog, we have so far talked about four very distinctive and unique dual-purpose or dual-sport motorcycles. But without the Honourable mention of the Honda CRF300 rally, this article would have been incomplete. Let’s talk more about the CRF300 rally.

The CRF300 rally is a small-capacity, budget dual-purpose motorcycle made for extreme beginners. The design of this bike is mostly similar to its successor HRC CRF450 RALLY.

The CRF300 is lighter in weight and equipped with a 286cc liquid-cooled single DOHC cylinder making it the perfect traveling partner around on-or off road.

Its engine makes 27bhp at 8500 rpm and a peak torque of 26.6Nm at 6500 rpm. The CRF300 is equipped with 43mm upside-down front forks and a Showa mono-shock at back.

Thanks to its large fuel tanks and wind-cheating nose fairing and screen it certainly adds long-range ability and comfort performance to its on-off road performances.

Its price is also expectedly low at $5,999. If it is a big number for you, then you can also check for second hand in the market.


So, readers, I didn’t intend to confuse you with big lists of dual-sports motorcycles. That’s the reason I kept my article and selection process neat and clean for me as well as for you. That’s why in this list I included only 5 of the most affordable dual-sport bikes.

And, striping down the selection further I will be giving you an option below:-

Most Affordable & Reliable Dual Sport motorcycle:- Yamaha TW200.

Best all-around dual-purpose motorcycle – Suzuki DR650

Best Affordable Dual Sport for any beginners: Honda CRF300 Rally, Yamaha XT250, Kawasaki KLX250S.

Tell me about your selection, and experience with dual-sport motorcycles in the comments. Thanks for reading the article. Protection Status