Top 6 Reasons to buy Motorcycle instead of Cars:- Motorcycle vs Cars

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This is the most common discussion topic among motorcycle and car owners. Cars owners will tell you the benefits of having cars and motorcycle owners will tell you the benefits of motorcycles. And you got confused about what to buy and what not? So, after digging into this discussion and doing my own research. Here is what is found.

Top 6 Reasons to buy Motorcycles

In this section, we will talk about the reasons motorcycles are better than cars. Let’s get started.


Motorcycles are faster than most cars and there are several reasons for this. Motorcycles have 2 wheels with a powerful engine, as a result, it tends to have a higher power-to-weight ratio than cars.

That’s why motorcycles provide better performance and speed than cars.

Apart from this motorcycles are light-weight than cars and need less space than cars. Thus, with a motorcycle, you can reach your destination in half the time compared to the cars.

Sometimes you may get stuck in the traffic but as soon as green signals blink. A motorcyclist has reached half of the miles already where cars are still looking for the space to come out. You should also read the article, “Why do some car drivers hate motorcyclists?


Motorcycles are more cost-effective than cars. These are cheap to buy and maintenance cost is also fewer than cars.

Even if you are going to buy a second-hand car, you will still need at least $15,000 whereas you can find even sports motorcycles under the price range of $4000- $5000.

The maintenance costs do vary between cars and motorcycles are found to be more cost-effective than cars.

But, I would like to add one point here. If you buy a motorcycle over cars surely it is a great deal but you will need to spend another $1,000 -$2,000 in protective gear.

Whereas cars don’t need any protective gear and in that sense, it also saves money for those who buy motorcycles. But, still, motorcycles win in being cost-effective than cars.

Fewer Fuel costs

Motorcycles consume less fuel than cars and provide better mileage also. That is why motorcycles are more fuel-effective than cars. On average motorcycles get up to 30-50 miles per gallon (mpg). Apart from this it also depends on the type of motorcycle you are purchasing and the engine it has.

But, most Motorcycles can easily reach double the distance under the same fuel quantity compared to cars. Fuel is an important aspect if you calculate your budget and are from the middle class. Cars consume much more fuel per km than motorcycles.

The expensive the car the more fuel it consumes, it’s the same with expensive motorcycles. But still, motorcycles will give you more mileage than cars.

Health benefits

Motorcycles have several health benefits. Riding a motorcycle in the fresh air can help you reduce stress and give you relief. I am not a doctor but rather it’s my personal experience. With motorcycles, you get open space to ride rather than a closed cage. So, going outside to new places can get you relief from your wife’s arguments (mostly the case).

Here are the seven health benefits of riding a motorcycle:-

  • It strengthens the knees and thigh 
  • Improved cognitive and brain function
  • Riding a motorcycle burns your calories
  • Riding a motorcycle gives a positive outlook
  • Riding a motorcycle strengthen your neck
  • No need to do squats anymore
  • It helps you maintain the correct posture

I have discussed the motorcycle health benefits in detail, you should read about “Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Riding a Motorcycle”

Its Fun to ride Motorcycles

Motorcycles are very fun and adventure to ride alone or with a pillion. It gives us a better experience than cars. While riding motorcycles you have to balance, move and adjust your body. You can’t get this experience until you yourself ride a motorcycle.

Riding with the open wind gives the thrill and excitement of riding. And the fun becomes double if your pillion is your girlfriend. 😁Whenever you pull the brake on the motorcycle you will feel the presence (warmth) of your partner which is not possible in cars.

It is another great opportunity for you and your pillion to experience the excitement and freedom which you don’t get in cars.

Parking of Motorcycle

Motorcycles are smaller in width and height than cars. It needs very less space for parking. And thus you don’t have to waste your time finding a place to park.

But with cars, parking lots need a lot of space for cars and a limited parking lot with motorcycles. That’s the reason motorcycles are easy to manage while parking. You can also easily maneuver through little space with motorcycles but not with cars.

Top 4 reasons to buy a Car

Reason to buy a car

As we have already discussed the top reason to make the argument is that Motorcycles are better than Cars. But, let’s talk about some good things about cars in which they are better than motorcycles.

Cars are more Safer than Motorcycle

In terms of safety, there is no doubt cars are safer than motorcycles. But, it doesn’t mean motorcycles are not safe. See, It doesn’t matter what you are driving? But It does matter, How are you driving?

It means there is nothing wrong with motorcycles nor in cars if you are a responsible rider and follow all the safety precautions honestly.

But, still, cars are safer than a motorcycle because you are in a steel cage in your cars. And, it doesn’t require a lot of skill to be a better driver in cars compared to motorcycles.

Thus, even though you came across some accidents you are prone to be less injured in cars than on motorcycles.

As motorcycles are open and if safety measures and protective gear are not considered seriously. One will surely injure himself/herself seriously if something goes wrong.

And with cars, there is no protective gear needed like helmets or gloves. But only one thing requires and that is to always wear your seat belts and that’s it.

So, if you want to be on the safe side and drive comfortably without any worry then you should buy a car.

Cars are better for Extended members

With a motorcycle, there is a limitation of people who can join you. It can just accommodate 2 people on the motorcycle. But, what if you want to go out with your family or friends? 

Then it becomes a real mess for a motorcycle to accommodate that many people.

In Cars, you can accommodate more than 4 people comfortably depending on the size or type of the car. Apart from accommodating the family members, you can also accommodate their things such as luggage, etc.

Although motorcycles are better for a couple of riders what about the children, your pets, etc. So, It’s better to have cars in this case, if you are looking to go out with family or friends.

Cars are more protective of weather conditions 

Cars are better for any weather conditions. It doesn’t matter if it is rain, winter or summer. But with the motorcycle, there will be an impact on you. And you will not be safe.

For example, It will be hard and unsafe for motorcycle riders to drive in rainy winter conditions. Because of the slippery roads, fast wind, water drops falling on you.

Or just think of the summer season as the kind of heat you will feel while riding a motorcycle with your protective gear.

And, in winter it becomes a daunting experience to ride fast in cold conditions. You will have to wear some thick woolen clothes, etc to get less exposure to wind.

But with cars, there is no worry about any weather conditions. If you have decided to go then you can go out without giving a single thought about it.

Cars can give you a comfortable experience in every weather be it summer, rainy, winter, etc. In one word no weather can impact the safety and comfort inside the car.

In the rainy season, there is no impact as you are in the protective cage and with the wiper running. And in the winter you can rest assured about the temperature with AC on in the car.

Cars are Good for long trips 

Cars are good for long trips with family or friends with utmost safety. It gives you safety from weather conditions as we discussed above.

Apart from this, cars can accommodate more people comfortably. The joy becomes double with family members and friends.

Also, trips with the motorcycle have their own benefits but it has their own limitations. You can carry a limited number of people and luggage.

But with cars, you can accommodate more people, more luggage and that gives you more freedom and days to relax. So, if you are looking for a long trips vehicle then go by car.

Apart from this, Cars are also good for relaxing with worrying about yourself. You can rest for some time if you become tired in a remote place. It works like a small room.

Now, as I have talked about the good things about both motorcycles and Cars. you might be confused now deciding what to buy. So, to solve the issue I have discussed things below.

What to choose between a motorcycle or Car? 

If you got confused because of the things I covered about them. Then there is no problem. Let’s resolve it.

If you are looking for open riding, solo trips, and mobility then go by motorcycle but if you want to be able to enjoy yourself with family and friends alongside safety then going by car will be a wise choice.

Everybody knows that everything in this world has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, whatever you choose you can find some fault in not buying it (If you are not interested in buying that thing). Choosing between motorcycles and Cars is not fairly easy. Just ask yourself the purpose of buying.

You just need to assess your requirements before buying any vehicle then you will be able to decide for yourself as I have discussed above.

If the answer is coming in the favor of the motorcycle’s reasons like you are interested in adventure, open riding, and solo trip, mobility, etc. Then you have got your answer.

But, if the answer is coming in the favor of cars, like you are interested in being safe, driving in safety, family trips, etc. Then you have got your answer to go with cars.


We have discussed buying a motorcycle and we have also seen reasons to buy cars. I have tried to put as much information and questions as I can in this post. But, if there is something missing or not answered you can reach me out through the contact page. Till then! Keep reading, keep growing.


Is driving a motorcycle easier than a car?

Driving a motorcycle is not easier than a car. In Fact, it is a little difficult to learn to drive a motorcycle than cars. Because it comes with two wheels that require balancing. And, it is not easy to balance on two wheels. In fact, driving and learning to drive a car is easier than riding a motorcycle.

Why are motorcycles better than cars?

There are many aspects in which motorcycles are better than cars such as speed, maneuverability, cost-effectiveness, mobility, and freedom to have an adventure. Apart from these, motorcycles have more accessibility (small-space requirements) than cars.

Is it more dangerous to ride a motorcycle than a car?

Riding motorcycles are more dangerous than cars because you are not in a closed cage body. So, if accidents occur on the motorcycle then you are likely to get more injured than cars. Thus, it is always recommended for motorcycle riders to wear protective gear always. And, if you are a responsible rider then there is no danger. Protection Status