Why does my motorcycle keep stalling? Tips to prevent the stall!!

Why does my motorcycle stall? With prevention tips
Why does my motorcycle stall? With prevention tips

Many riders who are new to motorcycles make it stall because of having no control over the clutch and throttle. Stalling a motorcycle is a general problem every new rider faces while learning to ride. In this post, we will be discussing the required aspect of motorcycle stalling with its prevention tips.

So, Why do motorcycles keep stalling? There are two reasons that cause the motorcycle to stall either you release the clutch too early/fast or you don’t give enough gas. Other than this, a motorcycle can also stall if the engine is idling during the warm-up phase. 

A motorcycle can also stall because of mechanical reasons or faulty systems such as:-

  • Fuel injection failure
  • Ignition issues

These mechanical problems and parts failures can also cause motorcycles to stall which you will easily notice.

These are the mistakes that most beginners make while riding their motorcycle for the first time.  The motorcycle stall can be avoided and prevented if the rider knows to control the clutch and throttle from start. For mechanical problems, we can get the motorcycle inspected and maintained.

Now, let’s discuss the crucial question, “Is stalling going to hurt the motorcycle?” This question has bothered most beginner riders.

Does stalling hurt your motorcycle?

Stalling happens when you didn’t meet the rev requirement of the gear you’re using. So, stalling doesn’t hurt or damage your motorcycle. But stalling the motorcycle too many times can put an additional load that can certainly damage the peripherals like the chain, sprockets, or damage in valves.

You can prevent the motorcycle from stalling by learning to ride properly. You just need to know to use and operate the clutch and acceleration properly. Here is a youtube video illustrating the proper use of a clutch to prevent the stall.

So, you should not worry about stalling as it can’t harm or cause any serious or long-term damage to your motorcycle. But you should learn to not stall your motorcycle again and again to save time. Below I have explained a simple 

How to prevent your motorcycle from stalling?

Practicing clutch control with and without giving gas
Practicing clutch control with and without giving gas

Preventing the motorcycle from stalling is what every rider wants and to be saved from embarrassment. 

Here are some methods that can help you to prevent the motorcycle from stalling:-

  • Practice Clutch Control
  • Practice Clutch control with a throttle
  • Shift down the gear as you slow down

Practice clutch control 

Never release the clutch fast, release the clutch slowly by giving little throttle and the motorcycle will start rolling. So, don’t let the clutch off completely fast until the motorcycle starts moving. 

With powerful motorcycle engines you don’t even need to worry about the throttle; just improve clutch control. 

Because Motorcycles with powerful engines such as 400cc, and 600cc, can move even without gas just with the clutch at low speed. Thus, at the start don’t even think about the throttle; just concentrate on clutch control. You just need to control the clutch and release it slowly without worrying about the gas (throttle).

Find an open place with less or no people around it and practice the above methods repeatedly until you are able to ride a motorcycle without stalling.

Practice clutch control with the throttle

As you have mastered practicing the above method of clutch control without thinking about giving gas/throttle. But in low CCs bikes, you can’t move the motorcycle only with a clutch you also need to provide gas along with releasing the clutch in control.

So, with the improvising in clutch control you just need to practice it by giving the bike some gas.

As you release the clutch and the motorcycle starts to roll move the throttle gently that’s all. If you have practiced both methods; I am damn sure you will never stall your motorcycle again.

Shift down the gear as you slow down

It’s very important to meet the minimum rpm requirement of the gear while riding a motorcycle. So, if you slow down while being in higher gear the rpm requirement of the gear will not meet which will eventually result in the stall of the motorcycle.

Thus to prevent stalling make sure to shift down the gear as you slow down. You need to develop a sense in yourself regarding this. You will need to practice this to make it a natural sense to shift gears as you lower the speed.

While slowing shift down the gear required to meet the minimum rpm and shift up the gear as you fasten your motorcycle. Just practice it and you will never stall your motorcycle again.

It will help you to prevent motorcycles from stalling in traffic because you need to slow down in that situation before the vehicles. I have talked more about preventing motorcycles from stalling in traffic below.

How to prevent motorcycles from stalling in traffic?

Tips to prevent motorcycle stalling in traffic
Tips to prevent motorcycle stalling in traffic

It is an annoying experience you got your motorcycle stalled while waiting in traffic where everyone is in hurry. Thus, its crucial to understand to prevent motorcycle stalls in traffic in the first place. Here is what you have to do to prevent the motorcycle from stalling in traffic.

Slow down your motorcycle by applying brakes and shifting down the gear to the first as you see the traffic lights. Pull off the clutch and hold it before you come to the stop, in the traffic. It will keep the engine running and prevent the stall. If required you should also keep giving some throttle (gas) to keep the rev.

As the traffic lights change, slowly release the clutch that will give the motorcycle its initial momentum and then give some gas. The motorcycle will run smoothly without any stalls. The only technique you will find here that will prevent the motorcycle stall is clutch control.


The most common reason riders stall their motorcycle is because of having no control over the clutch. Either they leave the clutch too early or they don’t give enough gas. These mistakes are generally made by beginners who are new to motorcycling and have recently purchased a motorcycle. Apart from these, there are also some mechanical faults in a motorcycle that can cause the stall but it’s rare and you will know it. To prevent frequent stalls must improve your clutch and throttle control.


Can a motorcycle stall while moving?

A motorcycle can stop or stall while moving only if you run out of gas/fuel. Therefore, It’s very rare for a motorcycle to stall while moving. But riders accidentally stall their motorcycle while riding a motorcycle by accidentally hitting the kill switch. Thus, a motorcycle can stall while moving.it

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