How fast can 300cc-400cc motorcycles go?: Detail Overview

How fast can 300cc-400cc motorcycle can go?
How fast can 300cc-400cc motorcycle can go?

Many beginner riders who are thinking of buying a new motorcycle have one question in their mind “speed”. Will the motorcycle they are to purchase going save their precious time and give them the joy of riding?

It is the most occurring question among beginners who are thinking of buying a new motorcycle for their daily riding purpose.

As 300cc-400cc range displacement engine most preferred and perfect choice for beginner riders. It is important to have the required information about its speed.

Speed is important because it saves your precious time and lets you reach your destination like home, office, etc early. Thus in this post, I am going to give you a detailed guide on 300cc-400cc range motorcycles.

How fast a 300cc motorcycle can go?

Motorcycles ranging between 300cc to 400cc can achieve the top speed of 112mph (180 km/h) and more depending on the motorcycle’s overall engine CCs and specs. For example, Yamaha R3 comes with a 321cc engine that reaches a top speed of 118mph, whereas Ninja 300 comes with a 296cc engine and has a top speed of 112mph.

The overall speed and performance depend on many factors like engine, the number of cylinders used, riding position, ergonomics, road condition, weight, etc. which we will discuss below in this post.

In the below table, I have given the list of motorcycles ranging between 300cc to 400cc engine. The speed given in the table is tested in standard road conditions. Thus, the top speed of the motorcycle may vary in different road conditions.

Here are some examples of the maximum speed of 300cc-400cc range motorcycles:-

BrandTop speed of 300cc-400cc motorcycle model
YamahaYamaha R3 has a top speed of 190 km/h (118 mph)
Kawasaki Kawasaki 300 has recorded a top speed of 180 km/h (112 mph)
Kawasaki 400 has a top speed of 200 km/h (124 mph)
Suzuki Suzuki GXR250R has a top speed of 165 km/h (102 mph)
KTMKTM Duke 390 has a top speed of 165 km/h (102 mph)
HondaHonda CBR300r has a top speed of 157 km/h (97 mph )
Royal EnfieldRoyal Enfield Himalayan has a top speed of average of 125 km/h (77.7mph)
Royal Enfield Bullet 350 has a top speed of 110 km/h (68.4 mph)
List of 300cc to 400cc range motorcycles

In the above list, I have put the data of motorcycles ranging between 250cc-400cc. Because If we are going to talk about a specific 300cc engine displacement motorcycle then it is hard to find one.

If you want to know detailed information on the top speed of motorcycles then you should give “average motorcycle top speed” a view. I am sure it will help you.

Because there is always a variation of the number below to 300cc or above it. As in this list, Honda CBR 300r and Suzuki Gixxer SF 250 come with an engine displacement of 286cc and 249cc respectively. Thus the list contains the motorcycle ranging from 250cc to 400cc.

And those guys who were looking for the best 300cc motorcycle for their purchase can buy any motorcycle from the above list.

It will not disappoint them but rather fulfill their requirement of getting to reach their girlfriend home as soon as possible. Here is the short video of Yamaha R3 showing its top speed.

Yamaha R3 row sound while riding

What are the factors that affect the speed of motorcycles?

There are many factors that can affect the speed of motorcycles, but in this list, I have talked about the major ones:

Weight of the motorcycle

The primary factor that affects the speed of the motorcycle is the weight of the motorcycle itself. Most of the manufacturers are trying to cut out the weight of the motorcycle. Every year they release a new model where the key message is about how much lighter it is than before without compromising the performance.

To achieve the light-weightiness in the motorcycle, most of the part has been replaced with lighter and durable ones that can cut down the weight.

Thus, if you are looking to reach maximum speed, you must consider the motorcycle’s weight. This is the reason most sports motorcycles are made lightweight.

If you buy a lightweight motorcycle, then you can easily reach the maximum top speed of the heavy ones with the same engine configuration.

Weight on the motorcycle (Rider, Pillion, Luggage)

The second factor affecting reaching the maximum speed is the weight on the motorcycle, like the Rider, the number of pillions, and Luggage weight.

If you are concerned about speed, make sure you keep your weight in control easily with regular exercise.

Make sure to put as little luggage as required if you are going for a long ride. Apart from this, make sure to ride alone if you are concerned about speed.

I think reaching the top speed on any motorcycle is mainly required by the racers, but if you are a regular rider whose aim is to ride while enjoying nature and experiencing the ride. Then, the variation in speed doesn’t matter that much.

Tips:- If you are not into racing or in some challenge and use motorcycles just for your works and weekend trips, there is no need to lose weight. Just ride and enjoy it! Don’t give a damn about a bit of speed increase.

Overall Ergonomics & Aerodynamics

The third important factor affecting the speed of the motorcycles is their chassis design and overall ergonomics.

In ergonomics, the handlebar position also plays a significant role, and its position can affect the motorcycle’s speed.

If you have noticed, then all the racing and sports motorcycle comes with an aggressive forward-leaning riding position. The leading cause of this is to help increase the aerodynamics of the bike.

At high speed, the position of the sports and super sports motorcycle helps the aerodynamics to be maintained and the air to not become resistant to the speed.

Because of the aggressive forward-leaning riding position, the air does not become resistant to the Rider, which helps to maintain the speed.

So always look at the chassis design and windshield because it will help you achieve the maximum top speed on your motorcycle.

Engines used in the motorcycle

The last and the most crucial factor affecting the whole motorcycle performance and speed is the engine itself.

As we are talking about the range of 300cc – 400cc engine motorcycles, we will consider the strokes and cylinders that can influence the engine performance.

Because even if the engine displacement is the same but if the strokes and cylinder configuration vary, then the whole performance, speed, and life of the engine changes.

As I don’t want to bore you with engine specifications, I will give you a little insight to help you make your initial decisions and know how these affect the performance.

First, let’s talk about the strokes of the engine, and then we will talk about the cylinder configuration in the motorcycle.

Two-stroke vs Four-stroke engine

First, let me clarify that the stroke is not an engine type of motorcycle. It is just the engine design for Automotive engines in motorcycles, cars, etc.

So, we have two types of engine design, namely Two strokes and Four strokes. Let’s talk about it separately and get to know the way it affects motorcycle performance.

Two-stroke engine

The two-stroke engine provides more speed and RPM than Four-stroke engines. Thus, Two-stroke engines are more powerful than Four-stroke engines.

So, if you are looking for speed, then Two-stroke engines will provide more speed and RPM than the comparable cc with the Four-stroke cylinder design.

But one thing to know here is Two-stroke engines are cheaper, less reliable, and durable than Four-stroke engines.

Apart from this, the two-stroke engine starts to vibrate and create a loud noise when driving at high speed.

The two-stroke engine produces a lot of pollution because by releasing burnt oil and fuel into the air than four-stroke.

Four-stroke engine

Although it is not as fast as a Two-stroke engine, it has other advantageous factors.

A four-stroke engine is more reliable, durable, and efficient than a two-stroke engine. It is generally quieter than the Two-stroke engines, thus making it environment friendly.

Typically, four-stroke engines have more parts than two-stroke; thus, it is expensive, and maintenance costs are high. 

Four-stroke engines don’t require pre-mixing of oil and fuel like two-strokes. Also, Four-stroke engines are environmentally friendly because it doesn’t release burnt oil in the air along with burnt fuel like Two-stroke engines.

Thus, the final verdict is that you can go with the Two-stroke engine if you are looking for speed. But if you are looking for reliability, durability, and efficiency with then go with Four-stroke engines.

Numbers of cylinder

Cylinders are the power unit of the engine; it is the place where fuel burns and is turned into power.

The number of cylinders directly affects the speed and RPM of the motorcycle. An engine with more cylinders will have better performance and speed than fewer cylinder engines.

But the more cylinder, the more fuel consumption is also likely to be increased. At the same time, an engine with fewer cylinders is expected to be fuel-efficient.

Thus if your primary goal is speed, then go for more cylinder motorcycles like four-cylinder engines. Or you can go with fewer cylinder engines also if you are looking for fuel-efficient motorcycles.

Ways to get the maximum speed with motorcycles

As we have already talked about the factors that affect the motorcycle to reach their maximum top speed. Now, it has become easy to predict the easy to get the maximum speed. We will just have to do the opposite and the rest will be the live result.

Workout a little

If your weight is more than 100kg or even 80kg then you know what is the required action here. Burn your fat and lose some weight.

Weight can affect the handling and speed of the motorcycles significantly. It plays a major role in the acceleration of the motorcycle, and it’s easier to lose the weight of the rider than modifying the motorcycle to get lighter.

So, If your weight is heavy and you are riding 300 ccs or any higher CC motorcycle, and there is another guy whose weight is lesser than yours and riding the same motorcycle as yours. Then, the lesser-weight guy will reach the top speed earlier than yours.

If you are into racing then the lesser weight has its own advantage and disadvantage which in itself is a different topic and we will talk about it in some other post.

But one thing is definite that weight plays a major role in the speed and handling of the motorcycle. Thus you should put some effort in losing weight.

So, as you lose weight it will result in a slight increase in the maximum top speed in the 300cc- 400cc motorcycles.

And also you should hit the bathroom before going for a ride. It is important you should feel pressure-free and light-weight.:)

Ride Solo 

On the above topic, we talked about losing weight and riding solo both are directly related to each other. Let me clarify what I mean by this.

To let the motorcycle reach its top speed it is mandatory that you keep the weight as low as possible. And Riding solo is part of it.

If you ride with a pillion then your weight will add up with your partner’s weight which in total affects the motorcycle performance and speed.

As you increase the weight on the motorcycle its speed gets affected. To understand this you can think of it by adding the weight of all the things that you put on your motorcycle and drive. And, you remove all those heavy shit and ride you will feel the difference.

For those who are looking to get the maximum top speed from their motorcycle then you should ride solo. Because if you have ridden the motorcycle with a pillion it will certainly affect the speed. Not only pillion make sure to not carry unnecessary weight on the motorcycle like luggage etc.

Even if you ride with a pillion, maybe you get slightly less speed but riding with a loving partner on the motorcycle is worth than getting maximum speed. Just my opinion!!


Don’t Ride with full tank

Now, If you are concerned about getting maximum top speed on a 300cc motorcycle then here is the third rule.

Never full the tank with fuel, as it will add a moving liquid mass to the motorcycle and ruin your speed goal.

Because nowadays most motorcycle that comes under 300cc to 400cc range has a tank capacity of more than 10 liters.

There is no need to fill the 10 liters of the 13-liter tank with fuel. Just have fuel that is enough for your riding till the next fuel pump.

It will help you to get the maximum output top speed from your 300cc motorcycles.

Get you bike servicing on time

It is one of the most important factors to consider because if you forget this then your motorcycle performance, mileage, and speed will be reduced.

And the factor is to get your motorcycle servicing on time through an appropriate workshop of the same company motorcycle or you can also visit alternate.

If you get your bike servicing once in a month or two you will feel the difference in overall performance and speed.

Related Questions

Is a 300cc a good starter Bike?

For a beginner, 300cc is the perfect starter motorcycle as it is lightweight and has sufficient top speed to outrun most motorcycles on highways as well. Ninja 300 is the perfect example for the 300cc bikes from its look to performance; it is a killer and will be a great bike for beginners.

Is a 300cc bike too small?

300cc motorcycles are neither too small nor too big. It is just the middle best-fit performance motorcycle for beginners and all the people who are not interested in super heavy motorcycles. It is good for commuting in town or cities because it provides a good amount of speed, torque, and less fuel consumption.

300cc is perfect for job people who just want to use these motorcycles for the job to home and vice versa.

Is 300cc motorcycle enough for highways?

300cc motorcycles are more than enough for highways. Even a 249cc Suzuki GXR250R motorcycle can give you the maximum top speed of 165km/h easily. If you want more speed then you can go with Yamaha R3 or Kawasaki Ninja 400 which has a top speed of 195 km/h. Protection Status