Difference between Cruisers and Sports Bikes: Detailed Comparison

Difference between Cruiser and Sport motorcycle
Difference between Cruiser and Sport motorcycle

Cruisers and Sports motorcycle may come into the category of motorcycle. But, if ride them they are very different in their own world. After doing lots of research and talking to some of the experienced riders here is what I found.

So, What is the difference between Cruiser and Sports Motorcycle? The most basic difference between cruisers and sports bike is their riding position and weight. Cruiser offers a spread-eagle riding position whereas sports motorcycles have an aggressive and sporty riding position. Thus, sports motorcycle tends to be less enjoyable in comforts compared to cruisers.

Cruisers are heavier than sports motorcycles and that’s the reason cruisers are slower than sports motorcycles. But cruisers are more comfortable riding than sports.

The basic difference between cruiser and sports motorcycle is their riding position, speed, weight, and comfort. Both the motorcycle varies in these requirements.

But, as we know both the motorcycle are made for the different purpose that we can’t deny here. Cruisers are made for daily commutes while sports motorcycles are made for racing.

In this article, I am not intended to show one motorcycle upper or lower because both have different purposes and use. In order to get a more deep understanding of the difference between Cruiser and Sports motorcycle. Read below.

Major Differences Between Cruiser and Sports motorcycle

In this section, we will discuss the major differences between the sports motorcycle and cruisers.

Chassis & Ergonomics Design

If we talk of chassis and Ergonomics design then both cruiser and sports motorcycle are distinctively different.

Cruiser motorcycles come with low-seat height and have a spread-eagle riding position where the rider feels very comfortable while riding. Because of its low seat-height, most of the rider will find it suitable and easy to ride.

Even short people can ride the cruiser motorcycle because it is easy to touch the ground on the cruiser motorcycle.

A typical cruiser motorcycle riding posture comprises of lower seat height, upright riding posture, hands raised, feet forward, etc which enable a relaxed & comfortable riding.

Because of the overall Ergonomics and chassis design, it is even comfortable to take cruisers to ride for long distances without having any problem. Cruisers look similar to a vintage style motorcycle and it has another fan base.

Where Sports motorcycle comes with relatively high seat height (relatively higher than cruisers) with aggressive sporty riding position.

In sports, motorcycle rider have to lean forward putting weight on the fuel tank and driving. Thus, it is not a comfortable riding position for everybody in the starting phase.

Moreover, It takes time and muscle habit to get better and comfortable with sports motorcycles. Apart from all this, the fairing on the sports motorcycle adds another value to it.

Fairing is like muscles for the sport motorcycle. it make it look exceptional. Although fairing help the motorcycle to cut out the most winds and let it ridden without compromising in speed.

Sports motorcycles are made for speed, performance, and instant response for the action.

Thus, its chassis and overall fairing helps it to cut-out most of the winds and help to achieve the speed.

The engine of the motorcycle

The engine is the core component of motorcycles without it motorcycles will be useless. Let’s look at  the engine of both the motorcycles.

Cruiser motorcycles are equipped with large capacity V-twin engines to provide low-end richer torque with flexible power delivery. 

Most of the cruiser uses liquid / Oil colled technology to cool the motorcycle engine.

But, if you buy a budget cruiser somethig like Royal enfiels then you will also find air-coled engines.

Cruiser tends to have less acceleration compared to the sports motorcycle for the same displacement engines because of some fundamental difference in the engine.

Cruiser uses long-stroke engines that produce high torque at lower RPM (Round per minute) and vice versa. This is the reason, Cruisers can be used for long-touring purpose without putting too much pressure on the engines.

Sports motorcycles are equipped with high reviving engine with more number of cylinder to provides instant acceleration in low time.

It procides higher horsepower and torque to provide best performacne and speed.

Normally, its engine comes with Four-stroke architecture design. The most common cooling system used on sports motorcycle are liquid-cooling which helps to reduce the heat of the engines.

Because of the high-reviving engine, sports motorcycle produces enough power and torque that lets you cover the distance in less possible time. Thus, it creates a lot of heat in the engine.

Purpose of the motorcycle

Both Cruiser and sports motorcycles are different in the category and also in the purpose.

Cruiser motorcycle’s main purpose is the comforts of riders and pillion. It provides adequate amounts of power for cruising and city riding.

The cruiser is an efficient tourer motorcycle equipped with low-end torque engines to provides an efficient amount of power with comfort and cruising along. It can be used for long-distance riding or trips without compromising on comfort and power.

Whereas Sports motorcycle comes with aggressive & sporty riding positions and, it is known for its speed and performance.

These motorcycles are equipped with a high revving engine that provides higher horsepower and torque. That increases its performance and provides instant acceleration to reach maximum speed.

Sports motorcycle is best for those who are interested in outperform most motorcycles on the road and be with the wind.

It is an Adventure to ride on a sports motorcycle because it is designed for speed, acceleration, efficient braking. Although, to provide performance and speed it compromise comfort and fuel efficiency.

Apart from this Sports motorcycle has cornering capabilities, wheelie, front wheel, back wheelie, etc. It adds an extra layer of joy to riding a sports motorcycle.

Which motorcycle should I buy between Cruisers and sports?

There is a one-line simple answer to this. It just depends on “For what purpose you want to buy a motorcycle?”

If your purpose is to get to work and come to the home and have weekend touring. Then I would suggest you go with cruiser motorcycles. They are very comfortable for both rider and pillion for long rides.

Whereas, if you want to race with someone or want speed & performance. If you are fascinated with sporty looks and its riding position then you should go with a sports motorcycle.

It’s just this simple to decide. And for more information, I have covered everything in detail for both the motorcycle. You can read those to have a better choice and knowledge.

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Why are sports bike faster than cruisers?

Sports bikes are faster than cruiser motorcycles because of the fundamental difference in the design of the engines. Sports bike uses a high-revving engine that provides instant acceleration in low time. Whereas cruiser uses V-twin long-stroke engines which provides low-end torque. 

Are sports bikes more dangerous than cruisers?

Because of the high-reviving engine, sports motorcycle produces a lot of power and acceleration than cruisers in a short period of time. Even a low 300 cc sports motorcycle provides a top speed of 180km/h (112mph). Thus, it can be dangerous if the rider is inexperienced or a beginner. Whereas Cruisers are equipped with low-end torque engines which is easy to ride thus it is safe for a beginner.

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