Is a cruiser motorcycle good for beginners? Detail Overview

Cruiser Kawasaki Vulcan S
Cruiser Kawasaki Vulcan S

Whenever I go for a ride, I get this question asked most frequently by many new riders who want to enter the motorcycle world. As it is not an easy task to judge any motorcycle. So, I started to research and tried to explore every aspect to answer this question in a detailed way. Here is what I found through my research.

So, Are Cruisers motorcycle good for beginners? Cruisers are a good choice for a beginner as they have low seat height along with a relaxed & comfortable riding position. It comes in a wide variety of engines that provides adequate and reasonable amounts of power which is great for a beginner. Cruiser can also be modified if the rider is not feeling comfortable with the seat position,etc

Cruisers come with low seat height which is very welcoming and allows even smaller riders to easily touch the ground and have confidence while riding. 

It also comes at a reasonable price that becomes another reason to buy a cruiser. I have discussed every aspect of cruiser motorcycles in full detail below.

Why choose Cruiser as your first motorcycle?

If you are a beginner and have set your mind on cruiser then here are some reasons to choose cruiser as your first motorcycle.

Ergonomics & Style

Cruiser overall ergonomics makes it suitable for beginner riders to ride and learn easily. It comes with a lower seat height that makes it easier to ride for most short and tall people. Its handle-bars are placed higher than normal motorcycles making it comfortable to hold and handle,

Its peg positioning makes your foot being relaxed and easy to switchgear without any pain.

Apart from this cruiser motorcycle overall style is different and eye-cathing than all the other motorcycle types in the market. 

Comfortable seat position

The cruiser is a great one step ahead in making comfortable seat for riders. It is designed for comfortable and relaxed seating position that lets you also go for long rides.

Apart from this most cruiser motorcycle have low seat that enable taller and shorter both people to enjoy their rides.

And for some reason, taller riders are having problems and feeling uncomfortable with normal cruiser there is no need to worry.’

Cruiser have motorcycle for every riders, here is the list of Top 5 Cruiser motorcycle for taller riders.

Reasonable amounts of power

When it comes to power cruiser provides enough power for cruising around the city and highways without any worry. But, it may not provide power, torque, and RPM like sport motorcycles.

Although, there are some cruisers available in the market that can take over sports bikes. But those cruiser motorcycles are pricey that not everybody can afford.

Anyway, if you were looking for speed, you may have opted for sports bikes. But cruiser motorcycles are not focused on speed rather overall riding experience and comfort.

Price of Cruiser motorcycle

There is not much of a difference in the price of cruiser motorcycle and sports motorcycle, both are cheap or both are expensive depending on the model you choose. For a cruiser, there are lots of companies available in the market after Harley Davidson to buy.

There is every segment priced cruiser motorcycle available in the market for everyone. If you are low on budget then also there are lots of options available. And that makes cruiser suitable for everyone to buy it.

Why not choose Cruiser as your first motorcycle?

We have talked about some reason to buy cruiser motorcycles and here we’ll discuss some exceptions (it is not cons of the cruiser).

I believe that no motorcycle is perfect but it’s based on everybody’s preferences, thus if your friend likes some motorcycle and you don’t then it’s not a problem of the bike. It just our preferences, you may like something else.

Chassis & Style

Now, it just depends if you like the cruiser chassis and Its style then there is not a problem. Everyone has their preferences, nowadays we have a lot of options with motorcycles. 

So, if you like sporty riding position and have a love for fairing and sporty chassis then cruiser is not for you. But, if you don’t have a problem with the chassis and style then you can move forward.

Size and weight (Its size is more)

Cruisers are usually long, and heavy bikes that make it unpreferable. So, a beginner might have a problem for the first time in lifting the motorcycle, if he drops the motorcycle accidentally.

But, in some time there will be no problem in lifting the bike as muscle memory gets build.

Apart from this when you ride there is no sensation of weight in any motorcycle. Thus, this can be a problem for someone and an advantage for someone.

Maneuverability and Handling

As a beginner, you must be aware of how to handle the situation and react fast in traffic. For beginners who have just started on a motorcycle may find maneuverability and handling with cruiser a little confusing and hard.

Thus, it is advisable to have to practice and muscle memory on the cruiser motorcycle. Otherwise, it can result in problems if you weren’t able to react fast according to the situation.

Adventure & Stunts

If you are a rider or even beginners who like to do adventures with the bikes. Then you will be a little disappointed to know, because of the overall ergonomics, chassis, and design you cannot do most of the riding stunts.

Stunts that you can do on sports bikes like cornering, wheelie, front wheelie, back wheelie, dragging, etc. And even if you are able to cornering then make sure to be aware because cruiser is not made for this. Thus, if you are an adventurous rider who likes to do stunts then you should not buy a cruiser motorcycle.


We have discussed almost all the pros, cons, or say exceptions of the cruiser motorcycles. Thus, now it depends on you to make choice depending on your needs and preferences. And, if you are still confused then you should visit this article.

If you are looking for a sporty feel in a cruiser motorcycle ride then you should have a look at Kawasaki Vulcan S.



Are Cruiser motorcycle easy to ride?

Cruiser motorcycles have comfortable seat position along with low seat height that makes its preferable and easy to ride bike. Any beginner with little or no experience can easily learn to ride cruiser motorcycle.

Any height people can start to rider with it, as it has low seat height. Therefore even a short guys can easily ride cruiser motorcycle

Is a cruiser motorcycle reliable?

Cruiser motorcycles are reliable but it depends on the company manufacturer. According to internet data Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha are the most reliable brand that makes the most reliable cruisers. Harley Davidson has a bad reputation for making expensive and unreliable cruisers.

There is a lot of issue with the question of reliability, Every people have different opinions on that. So, we can’t be certain about this part. But most of the people preferred Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha companies over Harleys.

Are cruiser motorcycles comfortable to ride?

Cruisers are the most comfortable motorcycles to ride because of their ergonomics such as low-seat height, slightly upper handler-bar position, balanced power, etc. It is comfortable enough to ride for long distances also without having any back pain or shoulder pain.

Are cruiser motorcycles good for daily commuting?

Cruiser motorcycle is good for daily commuting as it is easy to ride and has a comfortable seating position and perfect to deal with highways. Apart from this, you can also accommodate luggage because of the long seat. This all in one thing making cruisers a great choice for commuters.

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