Are sports bikes good for beginners? Full detail with Pros & Cons

Kawasaki Ninja 400 sports motorcycle
Kawasaki Ninja 400 sports motorcycle

After going through a series of beginners’ questions on bikes recommendations. There is still a question that has been asked me more frequently by new young riders than the rest of the questions that I have already covered. Thus, I thought to meet some experienced sports riders and go through a series of discussions on various aspects of sports motorcycles. After that, I did my own research, and after combining all the data, here is what I found.

So, Are sports bikes good for beginners? Sports bikes are a great choice for those who are looking to have an adventurous feeling while riding, cornering, and achieving full throttle. Sports bikes are stylish, lightweight, and powerful making a perfect combination to ride and keep up with traffic without being worried.

But the point here is to remember that a beginner should never go and starts riding on a higher displacement (cc) sports bike as it is very risky. For more information read this article.

Why should you buy a sport bike?

Now you have set up your mind to buy a sports bike. Here are some reasons or Advantages I have mentioned for purchasing a sportbike.

Here are the top 5 reasons to buy a sport bike for yourself:-

Light-weight Body

Sports bikes are made lightweight apart from having many parts like chassis, fuel tank, and outer fairing. Still most beginners’ sports bikes weights between 150 lbs to 180 lbs. From the many, the primary reason to make the sports motorcycle lightweight is to achieve more speed in less time.

And another benefit is that it helps to stick while cornering and other stunts with overall weight balance.

You can’t do cornering and stunts with any other motorcycle like a cruiser, naked, or cafe racer with the same efficiency as a sports bike.

Thus, this is one of the primary reasons you should consider while buying a sports bike for yourself.

Stylish Design

Do you like to get your presence noticed in traffic and city roads? Then sports bikes are the ones that can make your presentation look cool and get noticed with their stylish fairing and overall ergonomics.

The key element to the stylish design is its overall ergonomics design like seat positioning, slightly curved, and upward fuel tank (where you can put your chest), and body fairings.

Thus, this was the second reason to help you buy a sports bike.

Windshield & Fairings

These are the parts that make the sports bike different than other motorcycles. So, let’s see what are the benefits you get with these parts.

The windshield helps the motorcycle reduce the wind drag and make it flow sideways rather than directly coming to your chest at high speeds.

It acts as a shield to protect your chest & face in all the weather and wind problems. It saves you from directly coming hot air in summer, cold air in winter, and rain in the rainy season.

Apart from this, the windshield acts as a shield to move tiny dust particles, bugs, insects, and airborne road debris, out of your way as you ride.

Thus, overall a windshield help to reduce air drag and protect our front body like chest & face from most wind, rain & dits and keep us focused on riding. Now, let’s talk about the use of fairing in a sports motorcycle.

The main function of fairings in a motorcycle is to manipulate airflow, air drag, aerodynamic drag, etc whatever you name it. It mostly helps when the motorcycle is ridden at a higher speed. Because at high speed the air pressure becomes high and it’s important to reduce the aerodynamic drag and that is what’s fairing does in motorcycles.

Fairing helps sports motorcycles with a reduction in aerodynamic drag which results in achieving high speed at lower rpm. Because of the reduced air drag, it helps in reduced fuel consumption and allows higher speed with low engine rpm, which in turn increases engine life.

Adventurous ride

Do you like to make public stunts like a front wheelie, back wheelie, wheels drag, stoppies, burnouts, etc?

If you also got fascinated by watching the sports motorcycle rider doing stunts on-road or on the race track. Then a sports bike is for you, never look for anything else.

Sports bikes must be the choice for youth to unlock their hidden potential of doing adventures.

Sports motorcycles are made for this, if you have read the above reason then you already know the overall feature you get with it.

Although as a beginner you should not do any stunts on yourself until you learned it from some experts or professionals.

Here is a reference video of a professional doing several stunts on the road with a sports motorcycle.

Note:- This video is not intended to encourage stunts on highways or breaking laws. These stunts were performed by professional and it should not be practiced by normal rider and beginners. If you further insist and try these stunts on road without proper gear and guidance then I will not be responsible for any of that.

Stunts with sports motorcycle on roads


Achieving speed on sports bikes takes significantly less depending on their CCs’ time because of its engine capacity and overall ergonomic design. It helps you to reach your destiny in less time with less effort.

You should read this post to see the list of beginners’ sport motorcycle list and see their maximum top speed. There I have also shared some tips to increase the full potential of the motorcycle.

Why should you not buy a sports motorcycle?

As we have talked about the reasons to buy a sports bike. Now, let’s talk about the disadvantage of buying a sports bike as a beginner or for anyone.

Here are the top 5 reasons to not buy a sport bike for yourself:-

Riding position

The overall design of the sports bike is different from other bikes such as Naked, Cruiser, etc. Thus, its riding position is also different than other bikes, with a sports bike riding position being aggressive. You will have to lean forward with your back and your legs backward. 

But even this riding position is not really a disadvantage or con of the sports bike. The main reason I have added the Riding position in the cons is that some might get a problem with the riding position. 

As everybody has their own preference and choice thus riding a position might be fit for somebody and unfit for others.

Therefore, you should judge by trying the demo ride or riding on a friend’s sports motorcycle. After that, you should decide to buy a sports bike when you perfectly know your preference.

Less Room/Capacity

You might know that sports bikes are made solely for the riding experience. Thus, its seat capacity is very less. Two people can sit on the sports bike comfortably or at the most if your friends insisted then three people can sit and travel.

Therefore, if you are thinking to ride with friends then a sports motorcycle is not for you. But sports bikes are best if you are to ride with your girlfriend:).

Sports motorcycle has less seat capacity and it has its own pros & cons and it also depends on people’s preferences. Therefore, analyze your requirements before buying a sports bike.

Less Mileage

For those who don’t know. Herewith Mileage, I am talking about “Overall distance traveled with a unit liter of fuel or full tank fuel.”

Mileage helps to determine the bikes/cars’ average miles traveled with per gallon of fuel in a particular condition.

As sports bikes come with a 3 to the 4-cylinder capacity engine that makes huge amounts of power, thus its also drinks a high amount of fuel than other standard motorcycles.

So, sportbikes may provide less mileage than other motorcycles. And also different sports bikes have different mileage.

Less Safe

Sports bikes are aggressive and meant for speed. Thus before riding your sports bike, you must wear all the protective gear like a helmet, elbow protection, knee protection, etc.

Most mistakes happen when people drive sportbikes at high-speed and suddenly someone came in front of them or someone stopped for no reason. Thus, these are some highway problems that usually happen. Therefore, beginner riders must drive slowly and have some experience before traveling on highways.

To avoid accidents you must make yourself familiar with brakes in sports motorcycles. The most important part is handling the motorcycle after applying brakes at high speed.

You may join some Motorcycle Institue or learn by yourself slowly. Here, our discussion for the advantage and disadvantages of buying a sports bike ends. Lets’ see another interesting question.

Should I get a sports bike or a cruiser?

Cruiser Vs Sports bike
Cruiser Vs Sports bike

I know this question may seem hard and makes the choice difficult between the two. But I am here to solve your query.

It just depends on your requirements, if you are looking to have long seating with a simple riding motorcycle. You just want to commute and go to the office/job and come home, not looking for any adventurous, cornering, wheelie, etc. Then you should get a cruiser.

But if you want to look cool, talk to the wind, and have some adventures, then a sports bike is for you. 

Now the rest decision is yours. I have already discussed the pros & cons of buying a sports bike. You can refer and make your decision.


Are sports bikes hard to ride?

Sports motorcycles are not hard to ride. It’s just that if you are totally a beginner and have not ridden any motorcycle before, then you might feel it’s hard. But once you ride, it becomes easy to ride sports bikes or any other motorcycles.

Only one thing you should keep in mind before learning about a sports motorcycle, it must be under 400cc. For more information on CCs of motorcycles read this article.

Are cruisers safer than sportbikes?

Cruisers normally tend to be heavier than sports bikes thus it would be a danger if they fall on you while in the parking lot or in the highways. Sports bikes are lighter and tend to lift easily if you bought under the 400cc displacement engine. 

Another important thing for a rider, it’s even not a question that which motorcycle is safe. If you like cruisers then you should buy them and learn to ride and if it’s heavier then you can build muscles. What’s the problem here? So, just focus on your passion and be ready to change for it.

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