Is a 600cc motorcycle a good choice for a beginner?

Kawasaki 650 sports motorcycle
Kawasaki 650 sports motorcycle

This is one of the most burning and important questions most beginners have in their minds. For those newbies who are not considering displacement before buying their first motorcycle, please consider it!!

After talking to many experienced motorcycle riders and hours of research here is what I found.

So, Is a 600cc motorcycle a good choice for a beginner? A 600cc or higher CC motorcycles are very powerful machines that provide greater torque, big displacement, and high speed. Hence, these motorcycles are not preferred to beginners riders as there is a high chance of riders seriously injuring themselves and their bikes multiple times.

A general 600cc sports bikes are a too powerful machine for a beginner to handle. If you have seen some guy riding a 600cc or higher cc sports motorcycle without crashing and hurting himself. Then you should know that there is something called fate or luck but we can’t rely simply on these things because it’s matter of life and death.

Therefore you shouldn’t directly go and buy a 600cc or higher motorcycle to ride if you are buying your first motorcycle. It is way dangerous.

As it is important to consider the consequences of buying big displacement motorcycles for newbie riders. Here are some questions I have answered that you might have now!!

For those beginners who don’t know much about motorcycles term CC or displacement. Here, I have compiled a short and simple definition for them.

What is “CC” in motorcycles?

It is the engine specification in a motorcycle by which you can know the overall performance, speed, and mileage you are going to get.

CC stands for Cubic capacity or Cubic centimeter which is a unit of volume and used to measure the bikes’ overall performance. 

It is the measurement of the total displacement your motorcycle will make. Generally, the more CC in a motorcycle means, the engine will have a bigger cylinder that will be able to digest more fuel and air than fewer CC bikes. Thus resulting in overall increased performance and bigger displacement of the motorcycle.

The fuel consumption or mileage of the motorcycle depends on the CC of the motorcycle. The bigger the CC the amount of fuel consumption will be more thus resulting in less mileage.

Why is a 600cc motorcycle not recommended for beginners?

As a beginner riders, you are not familiar with the basic motorcycles skills and even someone has learned riding bikes still there is no reason to buy 600cc sports bikes. Here is the reason 600cc motorcycle is not recommended for beginners.

A general 600cc motorcycle comes with four or more cylinders engine. Four-cylinder motorcycles engine makes huge amounts of power by reviving to very high RPMs.Thus these bikes will respond quickly to your commands and achieve higher speed in small time. This is the reason a 600cc motorcycle is not recommended for beginner riders.

And now as a beginner, you may have driven or not driven a motorcycle. It means I can conclude that you have little or no experience in bike riding, you have made no muscle memory for riding.

Remember these bikes are made to respond quickly to your commands. Thus, if you use the throttle even a little more than required in these 600cc motorcycles; there is a high chance you will fall apart and hurt yourself.

Therefore in this situation, if you try to ride 600cc motorcycles like Kawasaki Ninja 650 or any other bike you are seriously going to damage yourself and your bike.

Even a professional rider sometimes gets imbalanced and fall from their motorcycles. First, make yourself physically prepared and capable of lifting these 600cc motorcycles when you will drop them.

As a beginner with any motorcycle, it is assumable you will drop your motorcycle more than 2 or 3 times in the learning phase. If you fall in less CC motorcycle you will not get seriously injured and you can also lift your bike.

But, it’s not the same with higher CC bikes. If you drop them and definitely you will drop; maybe in the parking lot, while driving, at slow speed, at fast speed. So, you must have the confidence and ability to lift the 200lbs or more weight motorcycle and make it stand properly.

Apart from this, you must be aware of dropping these bikes makes a big hole in your pocket. As these motorcycles come with fairings made with high-quality plastics thus the minimum expense will be $1K.

Thus, its better to learn in less CC bikes and if possible use an old motorcycle to learn.

If you really want to ride motorcycles of 600 or more CCs then start with fewer CC bikes and get the experience of riding. After your experience with motorcycles, you will already be familiar with the major things and have also built muscle memory. Thus after that, it will be easy to ride 600cc motorcycles with less harm to yourself and your bikes.


What CC should my first motorcycle be?

We have already talked a lot on to not choose a 600cc bikes as a beginner. Now lets talk about the solution.

So, What CC should my first motorcycle be? For beginners, the ideal choice of CC should be between 150cc – 400cc. These motorcycles are very economical, beginners friendly, and not too aggressive. Depending on the rider’s interest he/she can buy either a cruiser, naked or even a sports bike in this range. 

Beginners should keep in mind it’s not about showoff; it becomes a matter of life and death when you start your journey on 600cc, 1000cc motorcycles. Your single mistakes with these giant bikes can take your life or seriously injure you.

The reason being choosing the fewer CCs motorcycle is learning to ride, make mistakes, do little experiments, and still be alive. You are not to experiment with large displacement motorcycles like 600 or 1000cc.

Just start with fewer displacement bikes and have some experience in riding. Obviously, you are not to settle on your first bike, you will buy a new motorcycle sometime. Thus you can go for higher CC engine bikes in your second purchase of the bike. 

Just remember one thing:- Larger displacement motorcycles like 600cc, 1000cc, 1250cc are too much for a beginner to handle. So, stay away from these giant powerful machines as they will not tolerate mistakes. As a beginner, you can go high displacement motorcycles of up to 400cc ( if you already knew to ride).


Related Question

Is a 600cc too big for a beginner?

A 600cc engine motorcycle especially sports bikes are too big to handle by beginner riders. A beginner should stay away from a 600cc motorcycle as with high-performance vehicles come more risk more responsibility. Thus for a beginner, it is not a good place to start with.

If you thinking of starting with a 600cc engine motorcycle then there is a high chance you will end up injuring yourself and your bike. 

Thus, stay away from 600cc or higher CC engines motorcycle in starting phase. Protection Status