Nervous About Riding a Motorcycle | Tips to learn & ride bikes confidently

Learning to ride the motorcycle
Learning to ride the motorcycle

Learning to ride a motorcycle successfully and confidently is a simple thing but it is not an easy process my dear friends.

I have met many of my friends and other people who aspire & excited to ride a motorcycle. They are very fascinated by watching me and other riders having fun with sports bikes, cruisers, bullet, etc.

But the basic problem is these guys don’t know to ride and are afraid to learn. They are afraid of being got injured in the process of learning. But I have also trained many of my friends and they learned very easily within a week.

So, I thought to discuss it in detail with other riders and also take their views & experiences on this topic. Thus after doing some further research, taking views of many experienced riders including me. Here is what you need to know.

So, Is it hard to ride a motorcycle? Learning to ride a motorcycle is fairly easy if you get good guidance as you start learning it. The little hard part of riding a motorcycle is to properly balance it which will not take more than a week even if you are totally a beginner.

Things to keep in mind if you want to learn motorcycle

If you followed these lists of tips then I guarantee that you will be able to ride a motorcycle without much injury with confidence in a short time.

Do you know to ride a bicycle?

Two girls riding bicycle
Two girls riding bicycle

You may be thinking that you are here to learn to ride a motorcycle and I am here to teach you that, But, Why I am asking about the bicycle?

Because from my experience if you know to ride a bicycle and can easily balance it. Then you have already learned 50%-60% about riding a motorcycle.

In my friends and family circle, those who knew to ride bicycles easily learned to ride a motorcycle by themselves without someone’s help. I have another friend who doesn’t know to ride a bicycle, and he is afraid to ride a motorcycle.

Apart from this, for instance, let me tell you my story. I started to ride bicycles successfully from the age of 9-10 (after a lot of falls & learning). And one day I was with my uncle on the motorcycle at that time, even my feet weren’t reaching the ground. But still, I insisted my uncle let me drive.

So, he sat in the pillion and explained all the fundamentals like a clutch, brakes, auto start, speedometer, etc. I got surprised, I just started the motorcycle withholding the clutch, as instructed I released it slowly with acceleration and the motorcycle starts moving.

I was able to balance the motorcycle easily, the road was empty (not on the highway). After that when I became older I easily ride the motorcycle on my own without any problem and instruction.

Although, I also fall sometimes from motorcycles I didn’t get any serious injury because I drove fairly slow at the speed of 35-40 km/h.

These were all my experiences of riding during my childhood time and you can see the benefits of knowing the bicycle.

But for those who don’t know to ride a bicycle, there is no need to worry about it either. You can also learn to ride it, but keep in mind to follow the rest of the process honestly and don’t be lazy or crazy.

Take instruction from experienced rider

It is another important step to take. As you are a beginner and you are unaware of the consequences and results of making mistakes while learning motorcycles. It is better to take advice from some expert riders who have experience of riding motorcycles for more than 5 years or at least 2 to 3 years.

Now, you will say that you are taking instruction from me by reading this article.

But, friends when you will ride your motorcycle there must be some who can watch you physically ( I can’t come to help and guide physically).

So, when you make your mind to learn to ride a motorcycle always take the help of someone who knows to ride a motorcycle. Like your friends, father, parents, girlfriends, boyfriends, or anyone whom you know and trust.

As someone will be watching you or sit at the pillion (not recommended) with you then he/ She can better assist you. And even give you medical support if you got injured.

Always start with fewer CC motorcycles 

Now you have talked with your friend and parents that you want to learn to ride a motorcycle. They also agreed to help you learn.

But now you need a motorcycle on which you will learn to ride. If you have a motorcycle then it’s good or you can borrow it from your friends, relatives, etc.

One thing should remain constant if you want to learn to ride a motorcycle well. Then Always start on low CC (under 300cc) engine motorcycle, never go for higher engine displacement motorcycles like 400cc, 600cc,1000cc, etc.

If you don’t have low cc motorcycles around you then buy a second-hand motorcycle.

Your first motorcycle on which you will learn to ride must be under 300cc because it is a more beginner-friendly motorcycle and best to learn on.

Always wear protective Gears

We have moved forward, now you must have your motorcycle with you on which you will learn to ride.

It is the most important part of this list. You must buy full-body quality protective gear for yourself like a full-face helmet, motorcycle gloves, protecting pants, shoes, and a padded jacket.

Always wear your motorcycle protection gear before you start your motorcycle to learn or ride.

It will protect your body from injuries and you will be safe. Now, for those of you who are thinking of mover forward without buying protective gear. Hear me out!!

If you don’t buy a gear then you may injure yourself and after that, you’ll have to sit till it heals. So, why to waste this much time.

Note:- At least wear the protective gear for the first 4 to 5 days until you are able to ride with a balance on the motorcycle with yourself. After that, it’s your preference to wear or not. 

Always choose unpaved or lonesome road

Lonesome Roads to ride a motorcycle

It is another most important factor to consider as you start to learn a motorcycle. You can directly start learning to ride a motorcycle on the highways and make some mistakes. It will not only be dangerous but it may lead to death.

So, look for some lonesome place like some lonesome paved or unpaved roads where the movement of vehicles is less.  You will get enough place to make mistakes with being thinking about any vehicles coming.

There will be no problem even in falling because no one will watch except your friends and family member who is with you. 

Have Confidence & burning desire

As motorcycle needs fuel to run, so we need a burning desire and confidence to achieve our goal and keep yourself running.

Confidence & desire are both complementary to each other without these fuels you will not be able to learn motorcycle.

Or even if you learned to ride a motorcycle without these fuels, it will require more time and tremendous effort. You first must have the desire to learn and if you have it you have already completed 40% of your learning.

Then confidence and trust work, and you must have these both in yourself. Because you will fall one time, two times, or several times.

Maybe you will hit something and fall and then you will start to lose hope. That is where you have to keep the three fuels burning inside yourself to keep you running. 

Never Stop trying even if you failed

As you start to learn riding a motorcycle which you have never tried before in your life. Thus you will make mistakes like fall or get injured several times. And also it is not necessary to fall then only you will be able to learn. There is no such rule. 

But sometimes because of your own weakness or some other people or friends may laugh and say something unexpected to you. Like you are looser, you can’t able to ride a motorcycle ever, blah… Blah…. Blah. 

Never ever give a damn about these people just be consistent towards your goal and Never stop trying because failing is a part of learning.

Things to avoid if you want to learn to ride a motorcycle

In the above section, we discussed what to do. In this section, you have things not to do, if you want to be a successful motorcycle rider. 

Being Nervous to start

Nervous young boy before learning a motorcycle
Nervous young boy before learning a motorcycle

If you are nervous about learning a motorcycle then you are not a unique snowflake except me 😊. Most beginner riders feel nervous about riding their first motorcycle.

But there is no reason for being nervous about it. You are just imagining and making things in your mind which is not practical.

So, until you came outside and practically start learning motorcycle and its components there is no cure for it.

As I said, you should call somebody who is experienced in motorcycle riding. And he/she will guide you throughout your learning journey. 

Thus stop being nervous and start being practical.

Low confidence

Now maybe because of my words, you are out of nervousness but there is another factor that can stop you from learning the motorcycle.

That is having low or no confidence in yourself. May beginner rider who falls more than 2 times lost all of the trust and confidence in themselves.

Thus, if you followed the recipe correctly then there is no chance that you will fall more than one time.

But even if you are having a problem balancing and managing the motorcycle over and over again. Then also there is no need to lose confidence.

Just ride and take the help of your expert friend and parents or you can also hire someone (if you are rich enough). You will surely become a ride in a few days (not an expert rider though).

Learning alone by yourself (Over confidence)

Sometimes because of shame, you don’t want to be insulted in front of your friends or family so you think to learn alone. Or because I have told you that if you know to ride a bicycle well, you can easily learn to ride a motorcycle.

In both the situation, you should know that even if you feel that you are capable enough to learn the motorcycle by yourself.

There must be someone watching at least because if you fall then you will definitely need help. And if you are too introverted and feel shame then you can hire someone or let those friends come who are open to you.

Though it doesn’t matter they know motorcycle or not, just have someone watching in case of fall, medical, etc.

Starting on heavy motorcycles

Never ever start on a heavy motorcycle that goes above 300cc for a rider who hasn’t even learned to balance.

You should start on lower displacement engine motorcycles like 250cc, 290cc, etc.

If available then buy a second-hand motorcycle for learning purposes.

Because you are definitely going to make mistakes then why take on a new motorcycle if you can get an old one.

For more information on, Why you should not start on heavy motorcycles? Read this article.

Is a 600cc motorcycle good for a beginner?

Accelerating too much in fewer time

One behavior is common in most adults, as they start getting knowledge and balance on the motorcycle the most common thing they do is accelerate too much in less time.

This is a very common behavior in youth beginner riders, so they must be careful and not accelerated too much.

When I was learning a motorcycle with my father I also did the same thing. I always accelerate too much and wanted to ride fast.

But He once said,” If you want to learn motorcycle then don’t accelerate too much just learn to balance and ride at a slower speed (Acceleration). Then you will automatically be able to ride at high speed with balance.”


I liked my father’s advice and found it practical, and I think you should also consider this in your learning phase. You will see a significant change.

Riding on highways without experience

City Highway traffics
City Highway traffics

There can be two matters or perceptions from the heading itself. So, I will talk about both matters.

First thing, you are still learning to ride but known to balance and have control over the motorcycle and you want to explore the city highways.

Thus, it will be a little dangerous because you have just known to balance the motorcycle and still riding. And you should never do it alone.

Now, let’s consider another matter, you have learned the motorcycle and have full control over it when to use brakes, gears, etc. You have ridden many times near your society without making any mistakes. And now you want to test your ride on the city highway.

I must appreciate your progress and enthusiasm for exploring more. But, if you want to ride on the city highway the first time then it will be better to have an expert pillion with you. He/She will guide you through the road and help you to improve more.


Can you teach yourself to ride a motorcycle?

Learning to ride a motorcycle by yourself is possible. And you can teach yourself to ride a motorcycle in this era of technology easily via blogs, youtube, etc. You will get all the basic pieces of knowledge through the internet but you will face problems in balancing motorcycles, turning, etc.

Maybe you will have trouble lifting the motorcycle, you crashed somewhere, you need medical assistance right there. Thus, there must be someone (friend, parents, or trainer) who helps you with all the problems while you learn.

He/She should not be an expert but at least they must have some experience. If he/she knows a little more than you about motorcycle riding then you are good to go.

How long does it take to learn how to ride a motorcycle?

If you get proper assistance and training you can easily learn to ride in less than a week. You can know the basics and functioning of a motorcycle in less than 30 minutes and the rest is practice and balancing.

If you already know to ride a bicycle and have a proper balance on it. You will definitely be able to learn the motorcycle easily and in less time than those who don’t know to ride a bicycle already.

This is not a definite thumb rule but I have seen many of my friends including myself getting comfortable easily by ourselves on riding.

Related Questions

Do you need a good balance to ride a motorcycle?

Having a good balance on the motorcycle is the key to be a successful rider. You must have a good balance to ride a motorcycle otherwise you may crash it somewhere and get injured. If you don’t have a good balance then you will have problems & fear arises at high speed.

Here is a little tip to get a good balance in the motorcycle. Ride the motorcycle slowly (very slowly) at the speed of 10-20 km/h and try to have a balance on it.

Once you can balance in this situation, then increases it slowly little by little. And you will see the confidence coming and fear going and you will be able to ride the motorcycle with a good balance.

Are motorcycles worth the risk?

Riding a motorcycle is an adventure and worth the risk. Riding a motorcycle requires more consciousness and balance than cars that make it joyful and adventurous. The joy and excitement which you can feel with the motorcycle aren’t in the cars.

Once you have totally learned to ride a motorcycle, you will be amazed to see the excitement. 

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