Is riding a motorcycle worth the risk? Yes! It’s worth it but…

Is riding a motorcycle worth the risk?
Is riding a motorcycle worth the risk?

Motorcycles are generally associated with a dangerous vehicle to ride. And you may need to convince your parents or wife to buy a bike which is just time-consuming and like hitting your brain with a hammer. So, it raises a big question in most of the rider’s (generally beginners) minds. Is riding a motorcycle worth the risk? Or should you avoid it riding in the first place? In this post, I will discuss it in a detailed and comprehensive manner.

Is riding a motorcycle worth the risk? Riding a motorcycle is worth the risk as it’s a fun, thrilling, and exciting experience that benefits you physically and mentally. If you ride a motorcycle carefully, following the traffic rules and regulations, then motorcycle riding is worth it; you will not regret it. 

There is no risk if you have self-discipline while riding a motorcycle. But, if you ride it recklessly at higher speeds without having a license and safety gear, then you will be making life-threatening mistakes.

But some people are afraid of riding motorcycles, and I am damn sure they have never ridden motorcycles ever. These are the people who demotivate their young riders full of passion in them. The motorcycle is not only about the risks; it’s all about the experience that is the combination of enjoyment, fun, and chance. The excitement that you get in a motorcycle is because of the risk associated with it. 

Motorcycles are considered riskier than cars because of the two wheels and open environment. That’s why it’s dangerous, and that’s the sole reason it’s exciting to experience. Although, cars are considered safer than motorcycles because of the four-wheel and closed body.

Risks associated with riding a motorcycle: NTSA Reports

According to, “The latest data on vehicle miles traveled shows that motorcyclists are about 27 times as likely as passenger car occupants to die in a motor vehicle in a traffic crash. So, safe motorcycling takes balance, coordination, and good judgment.”

So, Let’s talk about the risks associated with riding a motorcycle. I want to add; one thing is sure if you are out on the road, then getting into accidents is there. And, if you are unnecessarily feared of riding a motorcycle, then it’s no longer fear of riding a bike; it’s fear of death (which is undoubtedly inevitable), and no one can do anything about it. 

So, let’s look at some of the reports that include accidents, and injuries associated with a motorcycle:- (NTSA report)

In 2018, “4,985 motorcyclists got in accidents out of 36,560 people in traffic crashes. Also, there has been a 5% decrease in the number of people dying in accidents than the 2017 data.

According to the NTSA reports, “Motorcycles have a fatality rate of 72 per 100,000, while cars have a fatality rate of only 13 out of every 100,000.”

So, undeniably reports are scary, but it doesn’t mean we should not ride motorcycles. There are many reasons and simple mistakes that caused these accidents to happen.

You will be surprised to know that, “Motorcycle riders involved in fatal crashes in 2018, 28% were riding without valid motorcycle licenses.”

According to research conducted in 2014 on motorcycle client accidents,” Out of total motorcycle crashes; “Forty-four percent (44%) said that they did not think they were responsible for the impact, with an additional 25% who said they had been partially responsible. Just over one in five believed they were entirely at fault (23%). Where a respondent felt they were somewhat or not at all responsible, 62% believed another person had been responsible for the crash.“

From the above data, you can see clearly, that not every motorcycle is at fault for accidents. There are other elements (drivers) who are also at the fault. But riding a motorcycle becomes the most tedious job as you need to be well aware of this not

Riding a motorcycle required discipline, awareness, and self-control so that you can make decisions quickly.

So, now you should look at the benefits and reasons for riding a motorcycle.

Source: Community Attitudes to Aged Care Reform – Qualitative Research

Reasons you should ride a motorcycle

There are many benefits of riding motorcycles that include health benefits, enjoyment, thrill, social get together, cheap transportation, etc. We will discuss every possible reason and benefit of riding motorcycles in this section.

So, here are the eight main reasons to ride motorcycles:-

Riding a motorcycle has several Health Benefits.

You not only get physically fit but also mentally fit. There has been researched conducted to prove that riding motorcycle benefits physically and mentally in several ways.

The health benefits of riding make our body parts stronger and healthier. The body parts include knees, thighs, neck, fist movement, etc. Riding a motorcycle is like doing exercise because of all the body movements. 

Apart from this, mental health benefits include improved cognition, improved mood, etc. You can try experimenting; anytime you feel bored or mentally depressed, take your motorcycle and go for a ride. It will improve your mood and makes you ride more.

If you want to know the health benefits of riding a motorcycle in detail then read the post given below.

Riding a motorcycle also burns calories as it includes many simultaneous activities to do. The most important thing about motorcycling is, it has a positive impact on your health. Thus, stop fearing and start riding. But, if you are nervous about riding a motorcycle, then read this post. I have discussed tips & tricks for riding a motorcycle for the beginner who doesn’t know a bit of it.

Motorcycle riding gives you a sense of freedom

As, motorcycles are small, compact, and open, which gives you a feeling of freedom.

Freedom of speed, freedom of control, freedom of anxiety and depression. Even a simple act of getting on the motorcycle and twisting the throttle gives you the feeling of self-sufficiency and liberty.

Once you are on the motorcycle, you forget about it for some time, increasing your awareness of the riding. On a motorcycle, you have the freedom to experience every moment of the place. Because of the openness, you can experience every weather that is the good thing about it. 

Motorcycle riding also gives you the freedom to socialize, and you can make friends of your passions. You can get along and ride in groups that have another kind of experience and joy. Thus, to get a sense of freedom, you should get a motorcycle.                             

Motorcycling helps to socialize

If you like making friends, then motorcycle riding is the way. You can find people of similar tastes who enjoy their company. You may have heard of the phrase, “Birds of the same feather flock together.” The same situation is with motorcyclists. Motorcyclists like each other because of the same passion inside them; now, you will have social connections and new friends.

Apart from this, I have seen that motorcycle riders are ready to help each other in emergency situations even if you don’t know them. It happened to me; I got a puncture in my tubeless tire while on the road; two older men came to help me and got it done. And, guess what’s the exciting thing here? The exciting thing is these older men were on the motorcycle, not in the car. So, you will feel “brotherhood” among the riders; you will be greeted with waves, nods, etc.

The greeting will be different if you have the same motorcycle as the other biker or have that expensive motorcycle that he always thought to buy. This makes a good connection and helps to socialize motorcycle riders. Compared to car drives three are no connection with each other; everyone is riding with windows closed, making them socially isolated.

Motorcycle saves lots of time

As motorcycles are smaller and faster than cars, it helps you reach your destination faster and quicker. There is no problem with the traffic, as you will face in the car; you need a bigger space to drive in the car. In contrast, motorcyclists can go to even steep lanes. That’s what gets you to your destination faster and quicker. 

Even though laws and roads are the same for cars and motorcycles and both follow the same, motorcycles will always be faster.

Apart from this, you can drive your motorcycle in between cars in heavy traffic. Some states like California permit “lane splitting,” which means you can ride your motorcycle in between the vehicles during traffic.

But, riding like this requires lots of practice, self-discipline, and awareness. Thus, before doing lane-splitting or faster riding, make sure you have some experience with this.

Motorcycles are cheaper to ride and maintain

Compared to a car, motorcycles are much cheaper to buy and maintain. Although I do not deny the presence of expensive premium motorcycles, there are lots of cheaper ones to get. Apart from this, you can get a second-hand motorcycle for an even cheaper deal to save money. So, many things are more inexpensive about motorcycles, such as gas mileage and maintenance. Also, buying motorcycle insurance is more affordable than you thought, and many first-time owners don’t realize this.

So, you see, there are many saving in terms of money, time, and stress of yours.

Motorcycles are best to get close to someone

Do, you ever thought of getting close to your girlfriend or wife? The best way to get close to them is by taking them on the ride as a pillion. As you know, motorcycles are not cages; thus, they will hold you to not fall back. That’s what increases the closeness between you and your mate. You will get many chances to talk and comment while on the ride by looking at any scenery. But, be careful before taking your mate on the ride as a pillion as it requires practice, self-discipline, and awareness. And, if you don’t ride in discipline, then you will be risking not only your life but also your mate’s life.

That’s why I have compiled tips to help pillion riders to be a pillion making any mistakes. Read the information here.

Customization is relatively easy on the motorcycle

Compared to a car, motorcycles are much easier to customize. Most of the owners with essential knowledge and creativity do it themselves. Unlike cars, people don’t treat a motorcycle as just a vehicle for going from point A to point B. It’s like their friend or family member, and we love to work on it. Even simple modifications make the motorcycle looks different and makes us (fellow riders) happy.

No headache for parking

Unlike cars, motorcycles are small and compact, thus no headache for parking. You don’t need a big space to park your motorcycle. You don’t need to look for parking spots every time. Apart from this, by buying a motorcycle, you are not helping yourself but also other people. Because by using a motorcycle not only you will get parking, but it will also save parking for other motorcycles. At least two motorcycles can easily be parked in place of a single car. 

Also, taking a motorcycle out of the parking is very handy and easy because of the small size.

Reasons you shouldn’t ride a motorcycle

As there are reasons and benefits to riding a motorcycle; so, there are reasons not to ride a motorcycle. And, I think some people are not made for riding a motorcycle and should stay away from it.

A motorcycle is an adventurous and joyful vehicle to ride if got in the right hands. But it’ll also take your life if you don’t have self-discipline and awareness. So, if you have any of the traits below characteristic. You should change it or improve yourself; otherwise, stay away from motorcycle riding. 

Here are the five reasons to not ride a motorcycle:-

Lack of Self-discipline

Self-discipline is the required element in riding a motorcycle, and if you are lacking it; then stay away from the motorcycle. Most of the beginner riders don’t get control over their thought and sometimes they do stupid things like riding at high-speeds and getting influenced by other riders. Without, having self-discipline you are not only a threat to yourself but also to others.

Learning to ride a motorcycle requires a certain time and regular practice doing trial and error gives you experience. But, if you are not into it then a motorcycle is not for you. Because motorcycles don’t come on four wheels or in a cage thus making mistakes will result in severe injuries.

You are Overconfident

Some newbies become overconfident after taking the introductory safety course and their license. It’s a good thing to complete the course and get the license, but it doesn’t make you a perfect or safer rider. To be a good ride you will need to practice a lot. But, if you think, you have known every aspect of the motorcycle after passing the test and getting your license; then my friend you are wrong.

There is no evidence out there that justifies that students taking basic safety courses is a safer ride. Even, if there will be shreds of evidence then also I will not consider you a safe ride; unless you have a certain quality reflection in you.

To be a good rider you must have these qualities inside you: self-discipline, eagerness to learn, and following safety rules. If you have these three qualities in yourself then I can consider you to be a part of the motorcycle journey otherwise stay away from it and be safe.

Tendency to race with other riders

I have seen many newbie riders having a common tendency which is to be ahead on the road than other riders. Generally, these young riders start to accelerate to be ahead of the other motorcycle riders. Thus, this creates a racing situation on the public roads that can create havoc on the road if they made a single mistake. Again, this is the result of not having self-discipline and maturity.

Thus, these riders also should be away from riding motorcycles as they are not only a threat to themselves but also to other people on the road.

There are race tracks for racing and that should be used for general stupidity started by these new riders. Anyway, I will advise you one thing if you have a tendency to race with others then you should change it otherwise stay away from the motorcycle.

You think it’s cool to do wheelie and stunts

These types of perceptions are generally held by youth riders looking for some adventure or impressing girls. These are the only motivation that drives adrenaline to their brain.

These stunts are not cool, even if you think so, because by doing these stunts, you are showing others the kind of immaturity you have.

While, I will say one thing you should not be performing these stunts on the roads, as it will be dangerous not only for you but also for other riders. I am not entirely denying that doing these stunts gives us some excitement and joy.

But, you can perform these extra activities on the motorcycle some off-road where there are fewer or no vehicles around you.

Riding motorcycle fast without discipline

Riding a motorcycle is an art, and you become better as you ride it daily. But without mastering the art, if you do things, the result will be messy, isn’t it? You have to prevent that by learning to ride a motorcycle slowly.

Most beginner riders generally make one mistake which is riding a motorcycle at a very fast speed. Riding a motorcycle fast at the beginning seems to promise that you know to ride. But the truth is you don’t. If you want to be a safer and better rider, you should be riding at a slow speed and first master its art.

If you master this art of riding a motorcycle at a slower speed, then I guarantee you that if you learned to ride and handle it properly then you will be able to do the same at high speed with the same level of safety, over time.

But, if you think, riding a motorcycle fast is cool, and easy and you are god gifted to not get into accidents. Then, you should not be riding a motorcycle as it’s a sign of immaturity and lack of self-discipline.

Pros and Cons of riding a motorcycle

Pros of riding a motorcycleCons of riding a motorcycle
Riding a motorcycle is good for mental and physical health.Chances of an accident are there if you lack self-discipline
It improves your cognitive functions. (Scientifically proven)You can’t carry more than two people at one time.
It gives you a sense of freedomHard to balance on two wheels
You can reach distance fasterLess protection because of open environment riding
Buying and maintaing motorcycle is cheaper than car
Pros and cons of riding a motorcycle


Yes, riding a motorcycle is worth the risk as it comes with many health benefits that’ll enhance your life. If you ride a motorcycle with full responsibility and awareness, then it no longer remains the risk; it’s a fun, thrilling experience. It’s worth the risk of riding a motorcycle because of the several health benefits. Now, the choice is yours if you want to engage in an adventurous ride or are happy to ride in a cage. The choice is yours!! Protection Status