10 Tips to be a good pillion rider: The Ultimate Guide

Motorcycle rider with a pillion
Motorcycle rider with a pillion

Being a good pillion not only helps you to enjoy the thrill of the ride but also the motorcycle rider. It helps him/her to be confident and ride the motorcycle at their own pace and efficiency. Here are some tips that should be kept in mind to be a good pillion rider.

Here are the 10 tips to keep in mind to be a good pillion:-

  • Always wear the gear
  • Trust your rider
  • Sit properly on the motorcycle
  • Know where and how to hold the rider
  • Don’t put your body weight on the rider
  • Keep your eyes forward on the road (Looking Ahead)
  • Don’t distract the rider’s concentration
  • Keep your helpful advice to yourself
  • Don’t put your feet down
  • Be Attentive (Don’t fall asleep)

10 Tips to be a perfect pillion rider

Pillion job doesn’t get completed just as you sit, actually, it starts from there. With pillion, the danger increases. If as a pillion you are not aware of certain things then you could become a serious problem for yourself and the rider.

So, here are 10 tips or say rule every pillion should know to have a comfortable and safe riding.

Always Wear the gear

Wearing the gear for the pillion is as important as for the rider itself. Being pillion doesn’t mean that you can wear whatever fashionable clothes you want. The thing you should keep in mind is that you are going to sit on two-wheel.

Before getting into the ride, the most important thing is to wear your protective gear which includes helmets, boots, gloves, jeans, etc.

In this, the helmets and boots are a must and required. Your legs are more likely to come in contact with the exhaust system which starts to heat up as the motorcycle starts and runs. So, wearing boots will save your legs from being heat and burn.

Apart from this, if you wear your safety gear properly then you are likely to get less or no injured in unexpected accidents. 

Trust the Rider

It is the most required spirit in a pillion rider. You as a pillion must have trust in the rider otherwise the ride will not become a joyful experience for both of you.

With this one thing becomes important that you should not become a pillion with an unknown rider or people. And you should also save yourself from the people who don’t consider pillion while riding and don’t think about pillion comfort and issue.

Also, you should only be a pillion with trustful people like your father, some friends, husband, partners, etc.

And, if you are so much afraid of motorcycle riding then better live at home than spreading fuss.

I think only those pillion and rider can make a perfect ride in which the rider is the responsible person. And the pillion has trust in the rider that even with eyes closed he/she doesn’t feel afraid.

And I guarantee if both of the people, rider, and pillion have trust in each other. Then the whole ride or journey becomes a joyful and thrilling experience.

Sit properly on the motorcycle

Sitting on a motorcycle is also an art. There are only some things that you must keep in mind.

While having a seat on the motorcycle pillion hold the shoulder of the rider and put the feet on the footpeg and sit.

And when you are properly sitting on the pillion this way the rider will know that you have perfectly sat.

Or, if you have another stylish way to suit especially for boys pillion then the only thing that matters is the rider should know that you have set properly. You can make an indication with hands or say verbally. 

Know where and how to hold the rider

Pillion holding the rider on motorcycle
Pillion holding the rider on motorcycle

As a pillion, you must have some knowledge of where and how to hold the rider. So, that he/she doesn’t feel awkward and loses balance.

If you need to hold, then you can hold gently around the riders’ waist. But make sure you are not holding too tight as the rider will feel uncomfortable. Until you don’t get comfortable and experience being a pillion, you must hold the rider. It will help you to have balance in moments like sudden acceleration and brakes.

As the rider accelerates suddenly then your whole body gets pushed backward (depend on the intensity of sudden acceleration). So, it is better to hold the rider and be in sync with the rider’s action.

And, also don’t put your hands on the breast area or thigh because it makes the rider uncomfortable. You should also not put your hands on arms or shoulders as it can restrict the rider’s free body movement.

Don’t put your body weight on the rider

You as a pillion should put you body weight on the rider. It is very important that you keep the rider body free.

Sometimes in sudden hard brakings pillion are pulled forward in which the riders got sudden impact like helmets collisions, and other collision.

Thus, it is better you as a pillion should be aware of this. And if required then you should hold the grab rails that comes in the motorcycle rear.

If you hold the grab rails then even at a certain sudden brake you will not put so much weight on the rider’s shoulders or body.  

Keep your eyes forward on the road (Looking Ahead)

It is important that as a pillion your responsibility doesn’t end by sitting quietly. You should keep your eyes forward on the road so that you can help the rider by being alert to yourself.

First, by looking ahead your head will be a little left tilted to the rider’s head which will save the collision of helmets. Second thing, you will be aware of the braking, acceleration, and corner, etc. So, you will get a prior time to get prepare yourself and act accordingly.

Don’t distract the riders concentration

Sometimes you may notice something unusual or interesting and you want the rider to watch it. Please! Don’t do it. It can lead to unexpected consequences.

As a pillion, you don’t have to think about riding a motorcycle and the overall responsibility. So, you are free to see anything around that place or roads and you will come across many interesting things. But on-road, Keep it to yourself!

Don’t be in hurry to bring the riders’ attention to that thing. Never ever distract the rider’s concentration while he/she is riding. 

If you have seen anything keep it to yourself and tell the rider after the journey.

There is also another case, you can show the rider but before that have a look on the forward road traffic.

If there are none then you can show the rider. After that the rider will come to his original state without being injured.

Otherwise, I have seen many pillions doing these mistakes at high speed in high traffic which has lead to accidents.

Keep your helpful advice to yourself

Never ever give the riders any command on riding. I know those who have trust in the ride will be quiet. But some over-smart or over afraid people (pillion) will always try to give the advice to the rider.

So, you as a pillion should stop doing such nonsense! The motorcycle rider is well aware and has taken your responsibility. Thus, there is no need to give an order like riding in this limit, don’t ride so fast.

And, I have myself done this many time with my friend which I know is not right. As, I been a pillion on his motorcycle sometime and I know he was a noob on this which brought me some fear. Thus, whenever my friend accelerates above 80 km/h, I start to say him to keep the speed low. This happens when the rider is new and don’t have too much experience.

But, If you want to be a good pillion, then just shut up your mouth completely on giving any command and advice while riding.

Don’t put your feet down

While being a pillion you should not do unnecessary acts until required. You should not put your feet down because of fear on every stop until the rider tell you to do so(which he will never say).

Apart from this while on motorcycle running, your leg should be placed on footpeg and not hanging.

Otherwise, it will create a disbalance and distrust between you and the rider.

Be Attentive (Don’t fall asleep)

Sometimes as a pillion, you may start dozing off because of the cool winds. I have myself been into these situations and fall asleep; as a pillion, you may get to doze off because of the cool wind blowing on your face. But you know the harmful consequences of these acts. You can be a danger to yourself as well as the rider.

And, if you are too tired some day then don’t be a pillion and take rest in home first.

Anyway, if you are feeling sleepy then always drink coffee before the ride. And you should have a little conversation with the rider to avoid being dozing off. Taking will not only prevent you from dozing off but also helps to make your bond stronger.


If you followed all the ten tips to be a good (wonderful) pillion. I bet you, your whole experience will be changed and you have enjoyed your ride.

I have myself being a pillion with my friends and relatives’ motorcycles. And these were all my experiences. So, I have put as much information as required.

If I left something in this post, then you can tell me with the contact page or comments.


What should a pillion passenger do in cornering?

While cornering the pillion passengers should lean and move their body according to the rider and motorcycle angle. The pillion passenger movement must be always in sync with the riders. And, in cornering it becomes important to move the body to the rider’s direction for better and balanced curves.

Should a pillion lean?

The pillion passenger should lean according to the movements of the rider. If the pillion and rider movements are in sync then the motorcycle will be balanced. But, if the pillion and riders alignments are on the opposite side then the motorcycle will be imbalanced. So, a pillion should lean and be in sync with riders’ movement.

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