How fast can 600cc motorcycles go?: Detail overview

How fast can a 600cc motorcycle go?
How fast can a 600cc motorcycle go?

The riders who have mastered the low range CC under 400cc are very much enthusiastic to ride super sports motorcycles. 

You may have heard about 600cc motorcycles as theory are much powerful machines and beginner should not directly jump to ride it.

I have already covered the topic of “How fast can a 300cc – 400 cc motorcycle go?”. You can read it here. Now going through the research and talking with some fellow riders who own 600cc motorcycles. Here is what is found. 

How fast can a 600cc motorcycle go?

A 600cc is a powerful motorcycle that can easily reach the top speed of 130mph (210 km/h). The top speed can vary depending on the road types and motorcycle specs. For example, YZF-R6 can reach the top speed of 174mph (280 km/h) while Kawasaki Vulcan S can only reach 112 mph (180 km/h).

Now, we will jump and explore the speed of more than 600cc and higher motorcycles. Because there is no motorcycle in the market which have an exact engine displacement value of 600cc.

Here is the list of 600cc motorcycles with their maximum top speed mentioned.

Motorcycles BrandTop speed of 600cc motorcycles
YamahaYamaha YZF- R6 has a top speed of 282 km/h (175 mph).
KawasakiKawasaaki ZX6R has a top speed of 255 km/h (158 mph).
Kawasaki Ninja 650 has a top speed of 210 km/h (131 mph).
Kawasaki Vulcan S has a top speed of 180 km/h (112mph).
SuzukiSuzuki GSX R-600 has a top speed of 240km/h (149mph).
HondaHonda CBR 600RR has a top speed of 250km/h (155mph).
Honda CBR650R has a top speed of 240km/h (149mph).
BenelliBenelli TNT 600i has a top speed of 220km/h (136.7 mph).
List of 600cc motorcycles with their top speed

Note:- These maximum top speeds are taken under certain controlled conditions like paved city roads, and other factors. The maximum speed listed in this list can vary depending on the type of road and the condition of the motorcycle.

Here is the Youtube video showing the maximum speed of the Yamaha R6!!

Here is the video showing the maximum speed of the Kawasaki ZX-6R.

What are the factors that affect the speed of 600cc motorcycles?

Some factors surely affect the speed of 600cc motorcycles are:

The motorcycle weight

The number one factor that affects the speed of the motorcycles is the weight of the motorcycle itself. If the motorcycle is made light-weight with the same engine configuration which the heavy one has. You can know who will win the race.

Thus, if you are looking to reach maximum speed then must take into consideration of the motorcycle weight.

Here is a little example: Ninja 650 motorcycle weight is 196 kg (432 lbs) and its average top speed is 210 km/h whereas Yamaha R6 motorcycle weight is 190 kg (419 lbs).

Now you can see the result there is a weight difference of 6kg (13 lbs) and thus Yamaha R6 has an average top speed higher than Ninja 650.

But one thing to remember is that only weight doesn’t affect the speed of the motorcycles. There are other factors so read on.

Riders Weight on the motorcycle

The second factor that affects to reach the maximum speed of the 600cc motorcycles is the overall weight of the motorcycle like Rider, pillion, and Luggage.

Your weight affects the speed of the motorcycles and if you are with a pillion, luggage, etc. Then there will be a slight decrease in speed.

When I say your weight will affect the speed of the motorcycle then it doesn’t mean there will be a decrease of 50-60 km/h speed.

Only slight speed will decrease and if you are not into racing you don’t have to worry about that.

Motorcycle Chasis & Ergonomics

Ergonomics are the most basic factor by which we can predict the motorcycle’s purpose. And we can say whether it is made for speed or not.

Like you can see the sports motorcycle by the first sight on the body you can predict it is made for speed. And you know you will get the better speed on the sports motorcycles that cruiser or naked.

Now, let’s discuss what is the basic part that makes the sports motorcycle different than other motorcycles?

The basic things that make the sports motorcycle different than others are its fairing, windshield, riding position.

Windshield and Fairing will help you to cut out most of the fast wind coming at high speed.

So always look at the chassis design and windshield. Because it will not only help you to achieve the maxim top speed of the motorcycle but rather also save you from the most specks of dirt, insects, on the highways.

Engine types used in the motorcycle

Engines are the core and essential part of the motorcycle without them the motorcycle can’t do anything.

Your motorcycle is running because of the engine working while you are riding.

Some crucial types of Engines decide the overall performance, speed, efficiency, etc. The names are Two-stroke and Four-stroke.

These are the engine architecture or design that is the basis. Here, I have given a required introduction for both terms. 

Two-stroke Engine

The two-stroke engine provides more speed and RPM than Four-stroke engines. Thus, Two-stroke engines are more powerful than Four-stroke engines.

So, if you are looking for speed, then Two-stroke engines will provide more speed and RPM than the comparable cc with the Four-stroke cylinder design.

But one thing to know here is Two-stroke engines are cheaper, less reliable, and durable than Four-stroke engines.

Apart from this, the two-stroke engine starts to vibrate and create a loud noise when driving at high speed.

The two-stroke engine produces a lot of pollution because by releasing burnt oil and fuel into the air than four-stroke.

Four-Stroke Engine

Although a Four-Stroke engine is not as fast as a Two-stroke engine, it has other advantageous factors.

A four-stroke engine is more reliable, durable, and efficient than a two-stroke engine. It is generally quieter than the Two-stroke engines, thus making it environment friendly.

Typically, four-stroke engines have more parts than two-stroke; thus, it is expensive, and maintenance costs are high. 

Four-stroke engines don’t require pre-mixing of oil and fuel like two-strokes. Also, Four-stroke engines are environmentally friendly because it doesn’t release burnt oil in the air along with burnt fuel like Two-stroke engines.

Thus, the final verdict is that you can go with the Two-stroke engine if you are looking for speed. But if you are looking for reliability, durability, and efficiency with then go with Four-stroke engines.

Cylinder in Engines

Cylinders are the power unit of the engine, it is the place where fuel burns and is turned into power.

The number of cylinders directly affects the speed and rpm of the motorcycle. An engine with more cylinders will perform have better performance and speed than fewer cylinder engines.

But with more cylinders, the fuel consumption is also likely to be increased. While an engine with fewer cylinders is likely to be fuel-efficient.

Thus if your primary goal is about speed and performance then go for more cylinder motorcycles like 4 cylinder engines.

Ways to get the maximum speed of 600cc motorcycles

As we have already talked about the factors that affect the motorcycle to reach their maximum top speed. Now, it has become easy to predict the easy to get the maximum speed. We will just have to do the opposite and the rest will be the live result.

Burn you Fat (If you have)

If the weight of the rider is too much then you may not able to reach the maximum top speed easily on your motorcycle. Maybe your motorcycle some energy is just lost to pull somebody like you.

Thus you know what is the required action here. Burn you some fat and lose some weight. This will result in a slight increase in the maximum top speed in your 600cc motorcycles.

And also you should hit the bathroom before going for a ride. You must feel pressure-free and get as the light you can get.:)

Riding the Motorcycle Solo 

If you want to reach the maximum top speed in your motorcycle then ride solo.

Also, most pillions are afraid of the high speed and their fear can result in your distraction. That can also result in some accidents. So, if you want to have a pillion have someone who trusts in you. Here, I have shared some tips for pillion riders to make the ride safer, read.

If you are not into racing or some challenge with your friends then you can ride with your pillions.

Even if you ride with a pillion or some luggage you may get slightly less speed but riding with a loving partner on a motorcycle is worth than getting maximum speed. 

Never fill the whole fuel tank

Now, If you are concerned about getting maximum top speed on a 600cc motorcycle then here is the third rule.

Never full the tank with fuel, as it will add a moving liquid mass to the motorcycle and ruin your speed goal.

Because nowadays most motorcycle that comes under the 600cc range has a tank capacity of more than 10 liters.

There is no need to fill the 10 liters of 15 liters whole tank with fuel. It will just add extra unnecessary weight to the motorcycle. Just have fuel that is enough for your riding till the next fuel pump.

If you follow this rule, you will see an increase in speed and lightness in the motorcycle.

Give your motorcycle servicing on time

It is one of the most important factors to consider because if you forget this then your motorcycle performance, mileage, and speed will be reduced.

And the factor is to get your motorcycle servicing on time through an appropriate workshop of the same company motorcycle or you can also visit alternate.

If you get your bike servicing once in a month or two you will feel the difference in overall performance and speed.


Which is the fastest 600cc motorcycle?

Yamaha YZF- R6 is one of the fastest 600cc motorcycles because it has a top speed of 175 mph (282 km/h). And Kawasaki ZX-6R is the second-fastest 600cc motorcycle that can reach a top speed of 158mph (255 km/h). Protection Status